SlashGear is the nucleus of the personal technology information galaxy. Covering off on everything from consumer electronic products to digital lifestyle and trend, SlashGear aims to be the first site to tempt readers with the most enchanting new gear on the market. Distinctive, informative and fresh, SlashGear never fails to engage readers.

SlashGear attracts over four million* early adopters, tech enthusiasts and uber tech consumers each month. This audience not only enjoys leading tech trends, but they are also of discerning mind and highly opinionated when it comes to digital life style technology. According to comScore, 47% of the audience makes more than $75,000 per year. They spend a good chunk of that on their favorite new gadgets and SlashGear is their number one information source, taking them from in-the-know to first-to-own in their circle. Get in front of this dynamic audience today by advertising on SlashGear.

*Based on October 2011 traffic reports (Google Analytics : 4,126,757 Absolute Unique Visitors, Mint: 4,189,855 unique visitors. SlashGear US served 81,214,197 ad impressions for the same month.

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