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Desktop Remote Control

Many people do get bugged by having to find the remote controls of the most essential appliances that they have from a T.V to an Air Conditioner to a DVD/CD apart from many other things also. The problem is all about having a different remote control for every appliance. But again man doesn’t sit tight and do nothing. So, even this time around he has come up with a very detailed and useful solution. It’s an all in one desktop control from where one can control his T.V., air conditioner, DVD/CD and amplifier. It is equipped with around 65 single functional buttons. The volume is increased with a jog dial. Now, you no more need to rummage your room every time you look for the different remote controls. They all are in one place, intact and compact.

Chilled Beer: Served From a PC

What about a very novel way of pouring beer to your guests at the next get-together. Have you ever thought of a PC that could do so? Here is a dispenser of a very new kind that would totally blow your mind apart with the thoughts of ingenuity. Simply, it’s a PC case with a beer tap, which makes it a right mix of audacity and originality. Now, you can definitely have the pleasure of guzzling your favourite beer while watching your favourite movie.

Aerobic Mouse: Another Ergonomic Mouse

If your hands are a little shaky or for that matter as quick and nimble as they used to be, it’s no more an issue to be considered because while working on the computer. Designer Appliances’ AirO2bic (pronounced aerobic) grip-less mouse may both prevent and remediate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), claims the company. If its really hard for you to use a regular mouse because of a physical disability, an injury, or a disease like Parkinson’s or arthritis, this mouse may be the answer. It’s called the Aerobic Mouse. It’s made of sturdy black plastic molded into a shape that allows you to rest your hand vertically into the base. With your hand in this ‘hand-shake’ position, your fingers rest on the large mound in the mouse allowing your fingers to easily reach the two buttons and mouse wheel. As you move your hand the mouse moves with it. In the initial phase there may be some problems as it may feel a little awkward as the mouse is a little big, yet the mouse glides very easily on the desktop and you feel adapted to it after few uses. An optical sensor ensures the mouse’s accuracy. Its priced at around $100. 

FX510 Media Center PC by Gateway

Gateway has formally announced the release of its new media center PC – FX510. Giving you overclocking software as part of the package, it provides new high end desktop which saves you from cracking open the case. Coming in three different configurations, all with XP MCE, it runs Pentium D at speeds from 2.8 GHz to 3.2 GHz. Also the FX510XL comes with 2GB RAM, 1TB of storage, a dual-layer burner, Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX, and a 21-inch widescreen LCD, BTX high-airflow form factor, and ATI CrossFire graphics for a price of about $3,000.

A4 Tech VoIP Keyboard!!

 For starters, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the internet protocols to transfer voice as packets over the IP networks. It can thus be employed on any database that uses IP like the internet, intranet or Local Area Network (LAN). Now, how about having this striking technology attached with your keyboard which would make your workplace compact and organized? The A4 Tech VoIP keyboard with a built in handset is set to launch at the CeBit conference in Germany this year. All eyes are set on this strategic attempt to converge internet and communication technology. This new apparatus is compatible with most of the popular messaging and communicating software like Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk etc. It is stocked with an additional In/Out port to be used with a handset or speakerphone mode.

Sony VAIO VA1 All-In-One PC

SONY VAIO just gets better with time. The SONY VAIO VA-1 is the all-in-one PC. The screen is a 20 inches wide and with a Intel processor with a 2.8 Ghz and dual core, the product has hit the market in a big way. The approximate price of the unit is $2600. The compactness of the PC is due to the built in CPU and the array of wires has been removed from the min console by the wireless technology. For the offices and workplaces full of papers it comes as a space saver. The Microsoft XP Media Centre edition is an apt operating system for the workstations. All in all a buy worth its cost.

Apple Mac Mini

The handsome 2-inch-tall, white-with-silver-trim, square box from Apple is a different sort of wonder. It weighs just 2.9 pounds, but it’s a desktop computer, not a notebook. It’s portable — but in the sense of moving from room to room, not home to office or city to city. Apple sells the 6.5-inch-square machine in a lunchbox-size package with a handle. The slick Panther operating system and the inclusion of the best-of-breed iLife multimedia software suite. ILife ’05 has the latest versions of iTunes software, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and GarageBand (a recording studio application). Apple has also thrown in Quicken 2005 personal finance software.

Air Cooled Mousepad

Tired of sweaty hands after using the mouse for hours? Well here is the technology providing you all with relief, the air-cooled mouse pad. It may not be a jazzy gizmo but it is definitely worth having if you are used to work for long hours on your PC. All it requires is a steel mesh, adhesives, properly shaped polyester and an Antec laptop cooler. Once set up and the USB port is connected to the cooler, cool air blows from under keeping your hands from sweating and suffocating. It is definitely not hi-fi equipment but a simple arrangement of basic stuff to create new technology making life much easier and comfortable.

WebservUSB server on a thumbdrive. Wow!

This is one of the most creative product ever, slotting a small webserver in a eraser like shell. The WebServUSB, lets you host a web, ftp, or email server from any Windows PC and make a quick, clean getaway, by just unplugging it from the USB. The thumbdrive is available from sizes of 128MB ($90) up to 1GB ($400). This thumbdrive supports CGI/Perl, PHP/Pyhton, MySQL, Java/Javascript, Flash, RealAudio and Windows Media and doesn’t interfere with user accounts on the host PC. You can’t really fit a lot of multimedia files in it, but it sure does it work as a portable webserver. Definately work checking out.

Sony VN-CX1, Optical Skype Mouse

With every addition to the VAIO series of electronics, Sony has taken breaths of competitors away. This time they have treaded further and gone on to combine two gadgets with much success. The VN-CX1 is a wired USB optical mouse which doubles up as a flip-open Skype (VOIP) phone. It weighs just 67 grams and measures 45.5mm x 23.9mm x 89.2mm. To indicate an incoming call it blinks and flipping it open reveals a microphone and speaker for communication. It comes in five colors and is currently available only in Japan.

Blueado Media Center

Need a PC small enough to fit an office or living room? Look no further to the latest idea from Blueado, its the Blueado Mini Windows Media Center PC. This PC measures only 4.2 x 8 x 12 inches. Even though its tiny, it’s still roomy inside with a storage capacity of 200GB, TV tuner and a built-in DVD writer, with an Intel Pentium M CPU and 1GB of RAM. This machine would produce reasonable noise and would be quiet enough , if you are at least one foot away from the PC. Pretty nifty.

Asus sells 19-inch LCD monitor

Asus launched its first ever 19-inch LCD monitor. The firm claims that their zero bright dot policy is different , because they offer zero bright dot policy on its unitsfor a period of one year.

It offers a three year collect and return policy on the LCD monitors. The specifications for the 19-inch monitor include two watt stereo speakers, a resolution of 1400 x 900 (WXGA) at 90 pixels per inch, five preset modes using a hotkey and 24-pin DVI-D digital input. The machine also has audio in and earphone jacks. Asus is claiming an eight ms response time. Interesting display from Asus.

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