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Air Guitar Pro can be strummed, with no strings

No really, it can, there is an infrared sensor. There are also fret buttons, a built in speaker, media input and output ports, volume controls and 10 songs that come pre-loaded.

There 7 buttons for CDEFGAB keys. There are also buttons on the top for major, minor, augmented, and diminished scales.


Wal-Mart to sell Toshiba HD-DVD players cheap

In fact they are going to be selling them for about $198 each. That would make them the cheapest standalone HD format player available.

They aren’t some cheap knockoff’s either, they are the real deal Toshiba A2 HD-DVD players. So if you have an HDTV and don’t have an Xbox 360 that you could just buy and HD-DVD drive for, I’d highly recommend getting one of these.


iSkin Cerulean TX+RX and F1

iSkin has recently launched their CERULEAN line of iPod wireless audio accessories including a stereo Bluetooth headset and a transmitter/receiver combo for other audio output devices. The TX+RX is the combo package of the transmitter which has a dock connector on it, and the receiver that connects to a stereo or something of that nature.

The TX+RX runs on Bluetooth as well with the transmitter automatically seeking out and connecting to receiving devices. The F1 is the name of the Bluetooth stereo headset, which really just looks like a matched pair of mono Bluetooth headsets.


Toyota RiN hybrid is friendly to more than just the environment

If cars were like hotels, this would be the 5 star spa attached to a 5 star hotel, the one you could feel good about going to. Not only does it look fairly good, but it’s a hybrid.

Now why is it worth a 5-star rating? Well, the heated seats, oxygen-level conditioner, pinpoint humidifier, and green grass growing just inside the windshield to prevent UV rays from affecting the passengers are all a really good start.


Festival Stereo from MAKE

Well, they don’t actually tell you how to make it, some reader wrote in from Sweden showing off his latest creation. Although there are apparently specs so you can build you own in his Flickr account.

It looks like either a guitar amp or some other professional grade speaker that the guy built in a car radio and cup holders, for beer. I assume there is also a fairly hefty battery built in to power the thing, otherwise its portability is decreased to wherever there is an outlet.


Belkin’s low-cost UPS reviewed

Over at Gear Diary Kerry Woo is unwittingly making me feel guilty about my computer setup – yes, I’m surge protected (well, not me personally) but seeing them review Belkin’s Battery Backup with Flashlight reminds me that should the power go out it’ll instantly take the PC with it.  UPS (uninterrupted power supplies) used to be huge, ugly grey blocks that lurked in the corner, but Belkin are making overtures for more visible areas of the house with a design that’s both vaguely attractive and also includes a handy battery-powered torch.



HTC X9500 Shift available for preorder in Europe

HTC’s headline-grabbing Shift ultra-portable – which dual-boots into both Vista and Windows Mobile 6 – has appeared for pre-order on a variety of websites in Europe.  So far the UK and Germany have the bulk of the information, with claiming delivery on 29th November for German customers while quote the 20th November for those in the UK. 



Nintendo Japan dropping 1Seg tuner for DS Lite

It has dual antennas and catches 1Seg signals. The video will be viewable on the top screen with the controls being on the bottom one.

No word on whether it will support the programming guide info that is built into the 1Seg signals or not. But hey, they are just doing what the PSP already can, which is ok, because the DS has a better implementation of it.


Samsung BD-UP5000 Duo HD dual-mode DVD player to get US launch in December

Take two high-definition DVD players into the shower?  Not me – and here’s the science bit.  Samsung are gearing up to release their “Duo HD” player, the BD-UP5000, in the USA come December; it’s capable of playing both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray titles in delicious full 1080p quality.



Walt Mossberg pets OS X Leopard, says ‘nice kitty’

Mere days after the final release of OS X Leopard was leaked onto the net, bearded-beauty Walt Mossberg has reviewed the Mac update and come away nearly skipping with glee:

“I’ve been testing Leopard, and while it is an evolutionary, not a revolutionary, release, I believe it builds on Apple’s quality advantage over Windows. In my view, Leopard is better and faster than Vista, with a set of new features that make Macs even easier to use”



Rumor: Helio Mysto is Samsung U600?

God I hope so, that is one sexy ass phone. Helio does always manage to pick the cream of the proverbial crop when it comes to phones, most recently the Fin, and amazing phone packing GPS a 3MP cam, support for up to a 4GB microSD card, a huge screen, it really was a work of art.

And now, if this rumor is true, they are getting a phone that looks like a slider version of and updated, and slightly better looking, version of the Fin, and I am sure it will have more/better features too. Helio is the company that knows how to do a slider correctly too, just look at the Ocean, one of the few phones out there without a touch screen that is still a decent competitor to the iPhone.


Moto Q Global coming soon

The people over at the Boy Genius Report have gotten a launch kit regarding the Moto Q global or the Q9h. There really wasn’t much other than the same pamphlet and other BS that AT&T will be putting out in store, but you probably won’t find these in a store until it’s released.

Not much new here I am sure, it looks far better than the original Q that I have sitting in front of me, but my Q has 3G on Sprint’s EV-DO network, so there’s that. Other than that, I am sure this new Q will have the latest version of Windows Mobile on it.