Archive for Sep 30, 2007 ad gives more weight to new PS3 model rumor

We still have no idea what its going to be, although speculations are high that it will be a bottom of the barrel budget system to help them start selling more units. It might even be a smaller, more compact unit.

Regardless, the model number CECHG01 has been popping up all over the place like a bad case of the chicken pox. The latest spotting was in a ad pertaining to the 5 free Blu-Ray movies deal that has been out for a decent amount of time.


Suzuki drops 6 new prototype/concept vehicles

First on the list is a new Kizashi that is based on the machine they showed at Frankfurt not to long ago. That’s the pearly white vehicle that looks like a cross between and SUV and a sports car.

Second is the Pixy, which is part of what they are calling “Sustainable Mobility” basically you won’t have to completely exit your vehicle, a smaller, more personal vehicle will roll out the back. So that makes this one the really small minivan looking one with the three-wheeled Segway pod looking thing coming out the back.


Newman e350 PMP

It plays a ton of video formats, starting with MPG, MPEG, RM, RMVB, AVI, and FLV. But it should also play music.

Chances are even good that the player will be able to multitask audio playback and e-book reading, which is apparently another feature of the device. It has a 3.6-inch screen that can display 1.6 million colors.


New phones at Verizon leaked, Juke, Pearl, Venus, and Voyager

There is the Juke by Samsung, the Pearl by Blackberry, and the Venus and Voyager both by LG. The top of the line in that list is the LG Voyager.

The Voyager is a dual-screen device with a QWERTY keyboard. The external screen is supposedly a QVGA touch-screen with the internal one being the same resolution, but not touch-screen, opening up the device is also what reveals the keyboard. The Voyager is also known as the LG VX1000.


Live photos of AT&T Tilt

A picture speaks a thousand words, so here’s 5,000 for you right here.  It’s a good job, really, because while we’ve these pretty new photos of the AT&T Tilt (aka the HTC Kaiser, aka the HTC TyTN II) there’s still not too much in the way of fresh information.  What we do have is a hint that AT&T will be launching the smartphone on October 1st, that is has Windows Mobile 6 and Push-to-Talk.



Sidekick Slide and LX caught on video

If you’ve been looking to upgrade to the latest in the Sidekick range then November 7th may be looking a pretty long way off; to keep you busy then why not watch these three videos over and over until you’ve memorised the sliding action and can recreate it, at will, through the medium of dance.


HTC Touch Slide images leaked prior to official Monday announcement

Thanks to some natty leaking, we’ve actually managed to step forward in time and pre-empt HTC’s Monday announcement (or at least one-third of it); pictures of the HTC Touch Slide have emerged, complete with some comparison shots between it and the iPhone.



Sony aim high with A910 mobile TV PMP

Naive, maybe, but I do think Japanese characters on a gadget make it far more exciting than boring old English.  So I’m dribbling like a drunken squirrel at the sight of Sony’s latest Walkman, the A910-series, which will be released in the Far-East come November 17th.  And for anyone who thought Sony had dropped the PMP ball, maybe 2.4-inches of LCD display, 1Seg mobile TV complete with EPG, FM radio and a choice of 4, 8 or 16GB capacities may change your mind.



Aptera Diesel Hybrid car gets 230 miles to the gallon

Personally, I don’t think this story needs to go any further than the headline and a picture, but that’s just me, and you probably want some more information on a vehicle that good for both your wallet and your environment. Well lets start with the facts that it has 3 wheels and gull-wing doors which look awesome.

Next up is the fact it looks a lot like a space ship, but retro, so like, one of the spaceships you might see in one of the older episodes of Star Trek or something along those lines. Its drivable on most roadways too, with a top speed of 55.


Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! XP Sales Extended for 5 Months!

I am considering giving Vista another go with the advent of service pack 1, but after my bad experience with Vista the first time around, it’s a hard decision to make. That’s why I am happy that Microsoft has extended the sale of Windows XP by 5 months, which means the end date for XP sales will, as of now, be June 2008.

Why, you might ask? Demand, it really is that simple, their vendors, aka OEMs, told them there was still a pretty high demand for the OS, likely coming from the business segment, but surely there is a sufficient amount of demand from the public pool as well. I read and article from some guy that was at one of those huge LAN parties that happens at various locations throughout the world, they ran a poll, 2% of the gaming rigs there were running, this is where I have to ask what you thought the rest of that sentence was going to be? Well it ends with Vista, which means 98% of the gaming machines were still running XP.


Samsung MagicStation desktops get revamped

In the first photo, we have the MV70 and two other MagicStation desktops that are unknown right now. In the second photo, there are the MX, MZ, and NZ models pictured.

Sure they are more or less only going to be available in Korea, but some of the stuff these machines can do is pretty amazing. The coolest thing is that now all of the MagicStation machines can it the EZ-BLU button on the front, and the machine will scan itself for slowdowns, problems, and other things that either are or could affect system performance, and then they connect to a server to see how to fix it.


Amazingly small Robots from Sandia National Labs

Just imagine a swarm of robots attacking you, each of them on your own, you could stop with two fingers, but a whole swarm, and you’re done. Well they aren’t quite attack robots, but they are small, less than an ounce in weight and under a quarter-inch cubed in volume.

Is it just me, or do those “treads” look like small rubber bands? Anyways, they are really small and only run off three really small watch batteries. And the whole swarming thing, yeah, that’s how they are supposed to work, but its to accomplish various tasks, not to eat you alive.


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