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iPhone lines not as long at smaller stores

Vincent has been camping out at the 5th Avenue store for a few days and has managed to snag the number 8 spot. There reporters are getting mugged for their microphones, and the circus showed up in San Fransisco, but what about the smaller stores across the country?


MacBook October refresh might include Multi-Touch trackpad

While it seems like half the geek world is busy doing nothing in queues outside Apple stores (apparently they have new gadget launching today), the rest have got all excited about the future of Multi-Touch in the company’s product line.  Greg over at is obviously as greedy as I am, and wants an ultra-portable tablet, iPod, Cinema Display and iMac all with the touch-sensitive screen.  Meanwhile, Crunchgear reports that a “trusted source” tells them that the refreshed MacBook line coming in October – which will be temptingly slimmer than current models – will feature Multi-Touch trackpads.



Rumor – 3G iPhone coming to Europe

European iPhone fans may end up getting a better deal than we have here in the US. According to sources, Apple is teaming up with Vodafone, T-Mobile Germany and Carphone Warehouse to bring a 3G version of the handset to the European market.

This has not actually been confirmed by Apple, but by Monday things should become clear. Apparently Apple is said to be making an official statement sometime on Monday. Rumor also has it that mobile phone carrier Orange was being considered for a release, but their tendency to overbrand and censor phone features made Apple decide against them.


PS3 the “console war king” in Australia, or is it?

According to Michael Ephraim, managing director of Sony Australia, The Playstation 3 is king in the console wars, as least in Australia. Here is a riveting statement from him regarding its booming sales. “”PS3…outselling Wii and Xbox 360 every week, except for last week.”


Slimline-sub is discretely deep

With a name like Earthquake Sound you better sodding well produce some products with booty-shaking bass else you’ll lose all possible credibility.  But rather than taking the easy way out – slapping a couple of deep speakers in a carpet-covered box and saying “cop a load of that” – ES have set themselves a further challenge: design a subwoofer that can fit into a narrow drywall cavity.  What they’ve come up with is Thor, just 3.75-inches deep but capable of lows down to 20Hz.



ASUS to launch their A696 phone in two weeks

If you’re in the market for something that isn’t an iPhone, you’re in luck. With as much hype as there is surrounding the iPhone today, it’s hard to remember that there are other devices launching soon. Take the new A696 from ASUS, it may not be an iPhone, but it has something that the iPhone can’t offer.


ASUS Eee PC looks even more tempting

The more I see of ASUS’ Eee Linux laptop, the more impressed I am. ASUS grabbed headlines at the beginning of the month when they announced a compact, attractive little notebook with a bargain-basement starting price of just $199; now HotHardware have spent a little time with the Eee and, despite the daft name, come away sounding pretty impressed.


New iPhone instructional video from Apple

If you plan on getting an iPhone today, but still have some time to kill before you can go down to your local store and get in line, you might want to check out the videos over on Apple’s website. They just released a new one today.

video after the jump


Apple sends out final iPhone email before launch

Today is the big day, only 7 hours before the iPhone launches. Apple sent out what I would imagine to be their final email before the iPhone Launch.


AT&T boosts EDGE network speeds – iPhone buyers rejoice!

Is the thought of AT&T’s slow EDGE network holding you back from buying an iPhone tomorrow? Well things are looking up because AT&T’s Operation Fine Edge appears to be successful. If you’re not familiar with the program, they have been working on a way to boost throughput on their EDGE network so that the iPhone will run faster.


You’ll only be able to get one iPhone from AT&T, but Apple will let you have two

If you’re hoping to get your hands on a pair of iPhones on Friday, don’t bother going to the AT&T store. You’ll have much better luck at the Apple store.


Rumor – BlackBerry 8320 to debut on T-Mobile in September with WiFi support

According to sources, the T-Mobile version of the BlackBerry 8320 will make its debut sometime in September of this year with a few new changes.


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