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Tattoos for the Elderly: Who doesn’t love a bad-ass granny?

A good portion of you have probably seen my article on the baby tattoos, which sent quite a few readers into an uproar. Yes, over baby tattoos. Now you can argue over something new, Tattoos for the Elderly.


1 million Blu-ray disks sold

Once again the tides have apparently shifted in the next-gen disk wars. Is anyone really surprised? As soon as one claims to have the lead, someone else comes out with a reason that the other one has reclaimed it. I keep hoping to wake up one morning to find that one of them has just given up and died already. Sadly that’s not the case.


Nintendo SNES mod: Wii approve!

If ever there was good reason to break out the Dremel and lay havoc to some perspex, this is it.  An enterprising French modder, Kotomi, decided that while Nintendo’s growing catalogue of old SNES games available for cheap download on the Wii was all well and good, the one thing better than “cheap” is “free”.  So he set to work squishing a real SNES into a replica Wii case, ending up with – wait for it – the Super Nii.



Wacom broaden appeal with entry-level touchscreen display

If you’re serious about electronic art, Wacom will happily reassure you, you’ll have a Cintiq display.  For years now the drool-inducing mega-displays have woo’d artists and handwriting lovers alike, inciting as much awe over the specs as horror at the ultra-heavy price tag.  So what about the serious artists who are also poor?  Well, Wacom have decided to throw them a bone too, with the introduction of the PL-521.



Kohjinsha upgrade tiny convertible with touch-friendly screen

If there’s one thing I love more than pie and kicking the shins of small children, it’s Tablet PCs.  And in that respect I’m like a whole lot of people for whom size – or, more accurately, the lack of it – is an indecent draw, even if I know it would have long-term implications on boring things like usability.  Kohjinsha‘s svelte little convertible was one such temptress, gamely beckoning us in with a compact keyboard, 7-inch screen and full PC guts, but letting us down at the last minute like a chocolate condom by failing to have a touchscreen.

All that, however, has changed.


AMD to bounce back with Barcelona quad-core

AMD hasn’t been doing too well lately. They’ve been getting trounced by Intel at every turn, and the fierce pricing competition has not been good for them. They just recently announced a major loss of $611 million. But according to them, things are looking up.

AMD will be releasing their first quad-core CPU Barcelona and they are claiming that it will have a 50% advantage over Intel’s quad-core Xeon 5300 Clovertown processors in floating point applications. They also claim it will have a 20% advantage when it comes to integer performance.


Robot falcon keeps innocent buildings safe from dung

Okay, so she might’ve committed the heinous crime of mistaking the city of Liverpool for a town, but I’ll let Gear Live’s Sheila Franklin off since she’s writing about a place a mere gnats parp from where I was born.  The city has been named European Capital of Culture 2008, and is busy going through a riot of upgrading, remodelling and general fettling; one thing that obviously has no place there is the dung of the common pigeon.  And yet generous Liverpudlians are tempting down and fattening up the winged-rats with leftover food, leaving just one option – that’s right, a robot peregrine falcon.


DirectX 10 on a Mac?

Those of you out there that aren’t planning on running Vista any time soon may have some good news on the way. Developer Cody Brocious is determined to bring DirectX 10 to you.

The ‘Alky Project’ is trying to turn the unified shader code which is the backbone of DX10 and change it to raw machine language. What exactly does that mean? That means you don’t need a fancy-pants Nvidia card or Windows Vista to enjoy the same great DX10 capabilities.

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T-Mobile UK sets sights on home broadband with HSDPA alternative

The thought of replacing my home broadband with a cellular alternative has never really occurred to me, not least because even HSDPA speeds pale in comparison to what you can currently get with ADSL or cable.  Yet T-Mobile UK are hoping to muscle in on the competitive home market, apparently, with their USB modem boasting 1.8Mbps for a £29 monthly fee ($58)


Want someone to talk to? This YouTube user is all ears

Here’s a tip, if you’re really bored and want someone to talk to, just post a YouTube video explaining just that. Ryan Fitzgerald found himself with ample time and decided to post a video offering to listen to anyone that wanted to call and talk.


Online-only Presidential Debate coming soon

The Internet is definitely not a fad, and won’t be going away any time soon. People are starting to understand the potential that it has to offer. Now prepare for the next big leap in internet-only content: a Presidential Debate.

That’s right, Yahoo, The Huffington Post and Slate are going to host two online-only Presidential Debates. The Democrats and Republicans will each have their own separate debate which will include any of the formally-announced candidates.


FON teams up with Time Warner Cable

Since DSL came to my town about 5 years ago, I’ve been setting up Wi-Fi networks for friends, family and businesses. Even though it can be a pain sometimes, I think Wi-Fi has to be one of my favorite technologies of all time. It’s nice to just get away from all of the wires and yet still be connected to the rest of the world.