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DIY Backyard office by Cedarshed

I’m one of many people that work from the comfort of my own home. Now, you can be more comfortable working from your own backyard, and no I’m not talking about pulling a pool chair with a laptop, but an office room on your backyard.

A company called Cedarshed who specializes in gazebos and spa enclosures is selling backyard DIY home office kit for those who are trying to avoid room addition inside their house but still need a home office.


JVC KV-DV50 – DivX in-car DVD Player

JVC announced the released of KV-DV50 to be released September in Japan. KV-DV50 is an in-car DVD player that will play more than just DVD, it support DivX files, WMA and MP3s. The disappointing part of this product is it will not support Dual Layer DVD. KV-DV50 will be priced at $250. No news about the availability and pricing of it for North America yet.

[via Akihabara news]

Bloody Hell the Dell Is On Fire

This can’t be good for the laptop, Dell and the owner.  Poor thing, it was just sitting there, quietly in standby mode contemplating about life as a laptop.  Then out of the blue, its ass catches on fire!  Then the next thing you know it’s on the floor getting hosed down with water.  Living the life of a Dell laptop suck ass.  I’m pretty fortunate that my baby Macbook Pro will probably never have to endure such pain and suffering.

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Mobile Shelter for the Homeless

Now why didn’t I think of this? Conceptually this is a really good idea to provide an all in one mobile home if you will for the homeless. There’s an area to store and carry recyclable materials that are then sold – this is one means of supporting themselves. There’s also a “secret” bin to store their private belongings like precious crap that others threw out. I also noticed there’s an optional fold out cot; providing a place to rest after a long days journey.


LG LW25-EV: Near Perfect Dual Core Laptop?

First off there are two things missing from this laptop, the girls and Mac OS X. The features on this featured packed laptop is astounding; its got Dual Core, 1GB of DDR, GeForce Go 7300, BMD TV Tuner, 3G EVDO broadband connection and it’s under 1.1 kilogram!


Unboxing the LGVX8500 Chocolate phone

Our friend Adam of Gadgetell snagged up the very first LG VX 8500 Chocolate phone before it gets released on July 31st! Enjoy the unboxing ceremony.


Zune Fact: Preloaded With Content

While Cesar of Zune Insider isn’t permitted to say a whole lot about the Zune, he is however able to confirm that Zune will ship with pre-loaded content. He’s unable to share who or what will be on the device. He promised that he’ll blog the info as soon as he knows more. Knowledge is power and right now, Microsoft holds all the knowledge.

I can only speculate that the content can either be games or lame ass records from some no namer band.


Cabernet Couch and Rhine Reading Lamp

The Cabernet couch is one unique looking piece of furniture made from 33 empty Cabernet jugs and a vintage corduroy futon mattress.  It’s a sweet looking furniture and all, but will it hold up to those special moments you share with your companion?  Is there a weight restriction in the even that you may have a friend or family that’s slightly overweight?  Yep, these are all very important questions that require answers.


The Not So Boring Ceiling Fan

Artemis ceiling fanCeiling fans are pretty dull and normally treated as nothing more than a tool.  Not anymore, thanks to Artemis ceiling fan.  These artistically sculpture fans are like no others because they differ in every angle, with natural yet exotic surfaces creating absolutely no noise.  These sensuous curves are very exotic; like that of a supermodel.  Damn that was weird; please don’t tell my wife she’s going to be very jealous.

Artemis Ceiling Fan [via]

Canon XH G1 and XH A1 HDV Camcorders

This morning Canon USA and Canon Inc. announced the release of two prosumer HDV camcorders, the XH G1 ($7000) and XH A1 ($4000). Both sports the identical imaging system as Canon’s XL H1, including three 1/3-inch 16:9 CCDs and the ability to record 1080i HDTV recording in both 60 interlaced and 24 frame rate modes. Other features include an image-stabilized 20x optical zoom lens that isn’t interchangeable and a 2.8-inch LCD view screen. These two new HDV camcorders are a welcome update to the 4-year old GL2, which remained unchanged during that time.

Earlier, I’d mentioned the XH G1 and HX A1 are identical, so why the $3,000 difference? The XH G1 is professionally equipped with “jack pack” of input and output ports like HD/SD-SDI, Genlock and TC in/out. This allows streaming uncompressed HD footage for recording to another format with less compression than the consumer HDV taps.


Google Maps for Mobile Phone

Mobile phone users in major US cities are getting a nice tool from Google today. Google is offering live traffic maps on mobile phones. To use this tool, you will need to download Google Maps for Mobile using your mobile phone’s web browser. The application will deliver the most recent updates of traffic information to your mobile phone. Data plan is required to download the application.

Google Maps for Mobile will give you more than driving directions; it will also give you information about expected drive time, traffic delays, and ability to store your favorite searches and directions.

You can download it at

[via mobiledia]

Samsung Helix Reviewed – Overpriced!

Priced at $400 for the equipment and still pa a monthly service fee of $12.95 – are they for real? The Samsung Helix offers a gigabyte of space for storing compressed audio files as well as your own MP3 and WMA tunes; which totals to about 50 hours of recordings.

WHO WANTS THIS: People who used to love their iPods but are now bored with them.

WHY: The Helix constantly exposes you to new music in every genre imaginable.

WHAT’S COOL: Not only does it bestow you with portable XM radio, but you can save songs and mix them with your own music. It’s easy to connect to your home system, too.

WHAT’S LAME: That finicky XM tuner konks out way too often, even if you live in a major city. Yeah, the sound quality is sub-par, but most ‘Pod people never cared in the first place.

FINAL MARK: B. Great idea for a product, though it could use more memory and some extra polish. Serious music freaks may want to wait for version 2.0.

Review: Samsung Helix serves up XM Radio and your own music in one overpriced package []

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