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Corsair FB-DIMM kits hit 2GB and 4GB with new High-Density memory line for Mac Pros

Both kits have two sticks each in them operating at 667MHz. You have your choice of 2x1GB sticks or 2x2GB sticks. The Memory is fully buffered and is 100% compatible with your Mac Pro and comes with a lifetime warranty.

So, all in one day Mac Pro users get a new graphics card option from NVIDIA, the best graphics card manufacturer there is on the planet, and a new memory upgrade option from Corsair, the best memory manufacturer on the planet. I’d say any Mac Pro user must be feeling extra important today, all things considered they are already using the best desktop computer there is on the planet.

Corsair also has a Mac notebook memory line as well, if you are a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro owner looking to upgrade the RAM on both. These two kits however were tested at Apple’s laboratories in California to make sure everything works and is up to snuff, and they do work, the price isn’t bad either at $165 for the 2GB kit and $225 for the 4GB kit.

[via Corsair]

Fujitsu working on new wood-shelled notebook – tree-hugging hippies beware

The laptop, from top to bottom, is covered in wood. Then there is the semi-creepy hemp bag that is either part of the laptops wooden casing or just comes with the laptop, it would be cool either way.


3D-R1 robot scanned entire silver mine in 3.5 days, on its own

Robots are picking up quickly, just take a look at this little bugger which managed to go into a more or less unexplored silver mine in San Jose and scan the whole thing. It was equipped with a laser scanner and made more than 80 scans a day creating over 100 million data points that formed the map.


Onkyo spits out three new HD home theater receivers – they’re a bit on the affordable side

Starting with the TX-SR606, then the TX-SR576, and lastly the TX-SR506, all packing 7.1 capabilities, HDMI ports, Dolby and DTS technologies, and not a single one prices below $500. For Onkyo, the $800 price tag of the most expensive of the three is comparatively affordable.


Samsung and Armani partner up for new LCD Television – for the brand-whore in you

The screen stats are as follows: they are 1080p LCD panels, they come in 46 or 52 inch sizes, and they have a 100MHz refresh rate, HDMI ports, and a color changing logo on the TV. They also come with two remotes, a small pebble-shaped one that does the basics of changing channels and upping the volume, the second is a larger backlit one that controls everything, hence-forth referred to as the Uber-mote.


Iomega Xporter external hard drive – for Xferring media from your computer to your Xbox 360 and PS3

If you don’t already have a large flash drive or an external hard drive for the purpose of playing the media from your computer on your game systems, then this wouldn’t be a bad purchase. It looks good, can pack up to 160GB on its tiny 2.5” disk, and it will fit in your pocket.


HP MediaSmart SL4282N, SL4782N Media Center Extender TV’s up for sale now

HP has apparently been working on these televisions for quite some time now and they have finally arrived. The TV’s connect to your home network and then subsequently to whatever XP MCE PC, Vista Home Premium, or Vista Ultimate PC that you have them setup to connect to and from their can stream music, pictures, and even video directly to the TV.


eMachines catches budget computing bug – coughs up T5254 and T3646 desktops

These two new machines from Acer’s subsidiary Gateway’s subsidiary eMachines are squarely aimed at users that will never use the max capacity of a quad-core processor with 13GB of RAM and 657GB of HDD storage in RAID 0 using SAS or some other junk like that. They are prices at $299.99 and $399.99 just to give you a hint, but neither of them is systems to scoff at.


HP 2133 Mini-Note PC coming with a new Windows XP option

The 2133 is still being hyped up and I am sure that a lot of future owners of the machine will be happy to know that your two options aren’t the unfamiliar Linux and the likely slow-booting Vista; you’ll now be able to get Windows XP installed. The reason is quite obvious; XP is loads faster on systems with such limited resources.


The Pirate Bay going on the offensive – to countersue IFPI (international version of RIAA)

First of all, I was told I should preface this article with the fact that SlashGear does not condone piracy or any other illegal acts. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the real meat of this story. The Pirate Bay is being sued by the IFPI, which is basically the international version of the RIAA, for 1.6 million Euros.


Sony OLED TV – its .3mm thick, that’s 10 times thinner than the XEL-1

If the 11-inch XEL-1 was too thick for you at 3mm for an OLED screen, Sony has a new on up their sleeve that manages to almost be more anorexic than paper. For reference, and average sheet of paper is roughly .1mm thick, so stack three sheets together, push down on it to remove an extraneous space, and then you’ve got yourself the thickness of one of these displays.


LapStrap – carry your notebook on your shoulder without a case

This is quite possibly the dumbest idea I’ve seen in a very, very long time. Essentially what this product suggests is that you lay part of this long ass adjustable strap across your laptop’s keyboard, then close it, and sling it over your shoulder leaving it open to the environment, being banged around, or worse, stolen.


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