Music System

Tactile Mp3 player with simple control

I wish I had an exact number of different kinds of Mp3 players there are. It would just be nice to have and throw around once in a while when you run across those people who’ve never heard of anything but an iPod.


Stylophone makes a comeback

I’m really glad I’m not of the 70’s generation, some of things that went on during then worry me a little, and those worries are based on outcomes, rather than actually things that happened. The Stylophone was an outcome of the 70’s and though it kind of died it is making a comeback and I’m not quite sure why.


Bowers & Wilkins Liberty wireless music system

From the makers of the CES Award winning Zeppelin iPod Dock boombox, Bowers and Wilkins are bringing you a new wireless surround sound system. What’s new here is that it outputs up to 8 channels wirelessly, a full 2 more than any other system I have ever heard of.


CES 2008: Interactive Toy Concepts showing off new Tube Amp-based shelf stereo with integrated iPod Dock

Interactive Toy Concepts, the people that brought you half a ton of flying gadgets and toys were showing of a yet to be released new product the other night at CES Unveiled. It was a small shelf stereo that had 8 GE Vacuum tubes backed by some digital amps, some really nice, moderately high end speakers attached to it and the whole set sounded pretty amazing.


CES 2008: Pacemaker pocket-sized DJ system released

No, not a medical device for ageing Ibiza veterans, the Pacemaker is actually a 120GB-packing PMP capable of playing two tracks simultaneously, allowing users to mix the two together, beat-match and add effects.  Pacemaker can automatically work out the BPM (beats-per-minute) of each track and display it on the 45mm 262k colour TFT screen, letting you match the speeds for a professional mix.  Two output channels are provided, one for headphones and the other a line-out for external amplification, and the Pacemaker is compatible with MP3, AAC, OGG Vorbis, FLAC and WAV files.



CES 2008: Logitech Squeezebox Duet multi-room media system takes on Sonos

With Sonos‘ popular but expensive multi-room media streaming system in their sights, Logitech have launched their new Squeezebox Duet system at CES 2008.  A scrollwheel-enabled remote with 2.4-inch colour screen can display tracklistings, album art and even RSS feeds, together with personalised wallpaper and internet radio information. 



CD Carousel Plus stores 150 discs jukebox style

I’m not very organized. I try to be but some things I’ll let fall by the wayside and there they will stay. I’d love to get my CDs or DVDs in order but just alphabetizing them doesn’t always work/last.


Philips Streamium Wireless Music makes taking your music with you around the house a breeze

So you fill your house with these Streamium units, and each one can connect an iPod, USB flash drive, play CD’s, FM radio, or connect to your computer and stream music. Oh, and each one has an 80GB hard drive that you can rip CD’s to and stuff like that.


Toilet Tunes – A little music with your toilet sir?

When ‘musical fruit’ just isn’t soothing enough in the bathroom, the Toilet Tunes Automatic Bathroom Entertainment System will step in. Your bathroom experience will never be the same.

The Toilet Tunes system works with two units. One will be placed in an area of your choosing and the other on the back of the lid so that when it’s raised a sensor will let the other unit know to start its magic. You can choose from several different musical tastes including jazz, latin guitar, techno/pop or even various nature sounds.


NAT Audio Magma tube amp – audiophile quality with car show power

Sure, it’s a tube amp, a single ended one, and it will give you the audiophile quality sound you have been looking for. I mean, it has a frequency response of 10Hz all the way up to 100kHz, input impedence of 100kohms, input sensitivity of 2.7V RMS to get the full power output, and gain of 22.5 dB when using 8ohms.

You can also switch between 4 and 8 ohms. It has a 6N1P-EV, a 6N30P-DR, and the big ass tube is an Eimac 450TH. All that, and they still manage to give you a lot of power output at 160 watts, for a tube amp, that’s an amazing amount of power.


Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 – Plays music from anything except CDs

Recently manufacturers have been making in-dash receivers that not only take CDs, but SD cards as well. This is a great idea, as it’s much easier to switch out your music on an SD card than it is to burn a new CD every time you want some new tunes. However, this latest receiver has decided to take this a step further by removing the CD player completely.


M-Audio Session Music Producer – Perfect for aspiring musicians

I doubt that there is anyone in the US that hasn’t watched at least one episode of American Idol. I’m not a fan of the show, but you should check out the ones at the beginning of the season where they hold auditions. If you would just watch that, you would understand that theres a really good chance that you can’t carry a tune. However, if you insist that your voice should be heard by others, you’ll probably need a way to record it. This new mic from M-Audio is the perfect way to do it.


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