Format Wars

Paramount and DreamWorks finalized HD-DVD releases

Yes, the exciting Format War was over, but DreamWorks has awkward agreement trapped in HD-DVD contract. DreamWorks Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg told Reuters couple days ago that DreamWorks will follow the previous agreement; continue to support HD-DVD till the contract expired. Not anymore, The Parent company, Paramount has announced the final list of HD-DVD releases, with no future plan for HD-DVD title after next week releases.


The Final Days of HD-DVD, Redubb of Downfall

Has anyone seen the movie DownFall? An International acclaimed and award winning movie tells the Hilter’s final days in the bunker. If you have not, rent it now! Well, we already know how the story ended with the Third Reich. Here’s the scene where Hitler went ballistic when he learned about the inevitable defeat but some genius has it redubbed as the Downfall of HD-DVD, pretty funny if you think of the situation with Toshiba right now.


Wal-Mart Phases out HD-DVD, will support Blu-ray Exclusively by June

If HD-DVD is still alive by June, they will lose the World’s largest retailers, Wal-Mart’s blessing to distribute HD-DVD products nationwide. Wal-Mart has officially confirmed phasing out HD-DVD by early Summer and continue to support Blu-Ray (no surprise there). The company also says changes will take place quickly in the next several months and store-shelves will be rearranged to promote Blu-Ray movies and products exclusively by June. So what’s left for Toshiba in retail sectors? We expect to see Amazon joining the the HD-DVD-Shutdown Anonymous Group… very soon.

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Rumor: Toshiba to surrender on Format War?

We know how much you like rumor, especially one concerns the Format War. The Hollywood Reporter has ruled the current affair is not a longer a Format War but a format death watch. They have reliable sources that saying Toshiba is expected to pull the plug on its HD DVD format in the coming weeks.


Harman Kardon shown confidence in Blu-Ray

Harman Kardon, a subsidiary of Harman International has revealed its first share in Format War with the announcement of a new Blu-Ray player coming this September at IFA show. The parent company is an International audio equipment company features audiophile and mid-range brands like JBL, Harman Kardon, Infinity, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, Revel, etc. Even the more particular waiting party is breaking the ice now, showing support and confidence in Blu-Ray Format.


My Local Blockbuster store is done with HD-DVD too

The local B&M Blockbuster store that I usually go to is having the new make-over to become one of the twelve prototypes of the future Blockbuster. I drop off the rental today but couldn’t locate the 3 HD-DVD shelves. The manager, with a small pin badge on uniform that said Blu-ray certified, told me he just packed all of them and sent it back. Crap! What happened there! This store was one out of the 250 nation chain units to carry HD-DVD but not anymore.


Best Buy to officially promote Blu-Ray to Customers? yeah right

I read worst Best Buy’s announcement with official recommendation of Blu-Ray product to their customer with a giggle. They are just taking the ride to get on the I’m-dumping-HD-DVD-Too headline train.


Netflix ditches HD-DVD, The Future is Blu

Another huge blow to the struggling HD-DVD, Netflix, the online and mail video rental giant will follow its rival Blockbuster’s step to focus on Blu-Ray releases. With endorsement to The future is Blu’s campaign, the company will only buy Blu-Ray disc going forward and will phase out stock of HD-DVD by the end of the year.


Last HD-DVD release from National Geographic

I don’t buy whole lot of movies in Hi-Def but I’ve been stocking up most of the wildlife films if I can get my hands on, you know? since I’m a self-proclaimed bird photographer and all. But seriously, I do have plenty of them in Hi-Def, including the war between the Tsaro’s lioness and buffalo heard, the Relentless Enemies. If you are a wildlife fanatic like me, trust me, you’ll love this documentary. On the other hands, it will be the last HD-DVD title from National Geography.


Microsoft has been in talks with Blu-ray camp all along

If you’ve followed the whole HD DVD vs Blu-ray format war, you may have noticed that people are declaring a victor. While HD DVD isn’t dead yet, it might as well be. This of course means PS3 owners everywhere have something to gloat about when talking to their Xbox 360-owning friends. For now at least.


Blu-Ray Buried HD-DVD in Hardware Sales

The Warner setback really put Toshiba at the worst position ever in the Format War. We heard enough of HD-DVD trailing the Hi-Def software sales in the last two years, and now they are facing largest-scale of losses in hardware department as well.

The newest report from the research group NPD said Blu-Ray has an advantage of 60/40 margin in hardware sales at December, the split slowly increased to 70/30 in the first half of January, then finally led to huge 93/7 margin between the first and second weeks of January. (more…)

Saving Private HD: Live or Let Die ?

The HD-DVD supporters have gone though the petition route look to save HD-DVD format. Nearly 9000 petitions have been signed so far by HD-DVD fans urging Warner to reconsider its position in HD-DVD. I wish the content of the petition didn’t use words like “Greedy Sony Corporation or “Inferior Blu-Ray format” for reasoning but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


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