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Helio Player released, finally transferring your media to and from your Helio is easy

So this Helio Player was designed in partnership with RealNetworks, and you can tell it when you open the app up. Furthermore, it works to varying extents with every single Helio ever made except the Kickflip and Hero.


The Boomwave Nanopets

If you have a thing for turning your Nano into cute little creatures these skins are just the thing. They feature cute floppy ears and even a tail to top it off.


Sony Ericsson Z310 Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada special edition is ugly as sin

Some of you out there will probably like this phone, or like the artist behind it enough to deal with it, but I think this may be the most revolting mobile device I have seen since the brick phone. Onto the good stuff though, basically it’s like all the other special editions, it’s the same phone, but looks different and has some extra pre-loaded content.


The Doctor Drive is slightly disturbing

If you’re going to carry around a USB drive all the time, why not make it look a bit more interesting? With it’s design imitating the classic syringe, this Doctor Drive definitely doesn’t blend in with the crowd.


The Kailo Chic Pleated Tote Green Hexagon

I always love coming across new laptop bags to drool over and of course pass on the pleasure to Slashgear’s readers whenever I have the chance. This incredibly chic tote is just the thing to carry around all of your electronics in style.


Mozilla Weave backs up your FireFox data online

Mozilla is stepping into the services world with their new web-based service Weave. Essentially it works with Firefox to save a copy of your bookmarks, passwords, preferences, stuff like that, all to the Mozilla servers for easy access, and easy sharing should you decide to do so.


Mustek PF-i700 iPod Photo Frame serves two purposes

This digital photo frame can do two things at once, on one hand, it can act as a normal digital photo frame pulling its images from a user-supplied SD, xD, MMC, MemoryStick or MemoryStick Pro cards. But on the other, it has an iPod dock built into the back side and speakers as well that allow you to display your photos from your iPod as well as play music from it.


Loreo 3D Lens in a Cap allows you to take 3D pictures

Check out this nifty little attachment from Loreo, you can get it for your Canon EOS and FD models, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax K mount, and Minolta MD and AF models and it allows you to take 3D photos. Basically it splits the image from each side and allows the camera to capture both, the only downside is, it slows the f-stop rating down to 11.


IDE to SD Card adapter is an ingenious idea, but not a new one

We have seen our fair share of devices that connect the various flash mediums (CompactFlash and SD being the most popular) to system drive ports such as SATA, IDE, or laptop IDE allowing you to use those card types as system disk drives. This isn’t much different, and whether you are doing it to free up a USB port, or because you want to install an OS on your 16GB SD card, its not too expensive for what it does.


Micro Stainless Steel Camcorder is durable and small

Micro Stainless Steel Camcorder is durable and small

There’s nothing quite like getting your family on video during the holidays. Especially if you’re family is prone to drinking or blurting out secrets during meal time. Having a tiny hand held camcorder can come in real handy in getting the good shots unbeknownst to your relatives.

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The BOSS Comes To Prisons – Body Orifice Security Scanner

Sometimes I see a product and I think… that’s perfect! The Body Orifice Security Scanner, or BOSS, is something along those lines.

Prisons in England and Wales are using the BOSS to scan inmates for “hidden objects”. This chair comes with three sensitive sensors capable of detecting hidden materials as small as a paperclip within the body.

Truthfully, I think it’d be a lot more useful in another setting, airports. Just a quick sit in the chair and no more hassle of “random inspections”. I think it would be quicker as well as less invading.

Boss Body Scanner [via Coolest Gadgets]

Nissan makes a minivan with a microwave

When it comes to cars I’m pretty happy as long as it runs. However, I’ve always been a bit partial to minivans over other vehicles because I have a big family. Nissan has given me yet another reason to add to my list of why minivans rule.