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The Booq 90 Series SlimCase

This case offers clean lines that are rarely as flattering as they are on this case. The Booq 90 Series SlimCase is simplicity at its best. The overall look is so wonderfully simple and then the inside is packed with small pockets to organize all of the stuff we all tend to carry around.


Thinklight Lights Up The Faster You Work

There are often times when everyone wants a little credit for their work. It’s hard to get it, though, without tooting your own horn. The Thinklight can do it for you.


Vibrating Mitt Chair is shaped like a glove

You know, I can’t recall ever thinking it would be great if I could sit on a giant hand and have it massage my butt. If I did though, I’m sure I was thinking of something like the Vibrating Mitt Chair.


Handetta Custom Leather Case for the Eee PC 700

I just got a new laptop and it’s bigger than anything I’ve had before and so none of my cases/sleeves/bags fit it, it’s very annoying. I’m highly jealous of people with the Eee PC who can now purchase a custom fit leather case for their laptop, made by Handetta.


First Lcos Based 1080p Projector to break below $3000

If you are looking for an alternative affordable 1080p sealed Optical without the dread Rainbow. Sony’s LCoS variant of SXRD VW40 is your answer. It’s official, the Sony Bravia SXRD VW40 will be the industrial first Lcos based 1080p full scale projector to break below $3,000 price point. It’s finally up at Sony website with pre-order price of $2999 and availability of Jan 31,2008. Before you ask, it neither gets the breakthrough adjustable pixel alignment (convergence) nor the vertical stretch for Constant Image Height set-up like their VW60 or VW200. Specification wise, it sounds more like a rebadged VW50 aka pearl that has 15,000:1 Dynamic CR, 900 lumens, 200w UHP Lamp, 2 years warranty, 24.25lb and audible noise at 22db.


New CyberShot s730 Digital Camera from Sony

Sony announced a new, lightweight and compact entry level line of Cybershot family S730 digital camera. The simple point and shot has a 7.2 mp resolution and capability to capture images in low light situation using its high sensitivity ISO 1250 sensor. The Zoom features 3x digital enlargement and equipped with 2.4 inches LCD. No further word on the price from Sony but it’s to be released in Europe around January next month.

Sony CyberShot S730 [via letsgodigital]

Rumor: Nokia N95 8GB finally coming stateside?

Mobile City Online has a preorder going on for the North American edition of the Nokia N95 8GB with an expected arrival date of February 15th next year. This means that we could be seeing the announcement at next years Mobile World Congress.


Trigem LLUON Crystal micro PC is small, black, and shiny

I am not much of a fan of so-called “designer PCs” but this one doesn’t look too bad and doesn’t appear to butcher the specs too much either. Its only 1.8-inches thick, but it still manages to pack in a lot of high power hardware.


Apple is definitely releasing a new portable device of some sort

So over the holidays Apple had an employee party where they had some fans of theirs that are in the music business come and perform. Not a big deal right? Wrong, the interesting part comes in the method of payment they were offered for performing.


Palm Foleo Dead but apparently not entirely forgotten

So the Palm Foleo was going to be this amazing device, it was going to be the thing that took smartphones to the next level. For those who’ve never heard of the device or forgot what it was supposed to do, it was basically going to be an ultra-portable extension of the smartphone allowing you to use a lot of the same apps and such that are on your smartphone in a larger, more user friendly version.


Atomic Zombie LongRanger electric bike

Sure its ugly as hell, but depending on which components you use to make it, you’ll be able to go about 62.5 miles more or less. If you’ll notice, I said depending on which components YOU use to make it, as all that Atomic Zombie does is sell the instructions to make your own.


BlackBerry gets blessed with ColorWare treatment

For those of you not in the know, ColorWare is a company that was started roughly 7 years ago and the service they offer is that they will alter the color of a large number of consumer electronics ranging from computers, iPods, gaming systems, all the way up to BlackBerry’s now. They will officially begin offering the color-changed devices on the 31st of December.


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