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Outel USB media remote

Well, its sort of USB, sort of PCMCIA. You see, its wireless, and the receiver connects via USB.

But the card, with receiver, can be stored in your PCMCIA card slot to keep it safe, and keep it from getting lost. It’s pretty nice too, its thing, small, and has all the buttons to control various media software, Windows Media Center, and even PowerPoint.


Nokia patents dual screen clamshell phone

Nokia’s ugliest idea for a phone yet, it’s an egregiously mis-proportioned device featuring dual screens, one or both of them presumable being a touch screen. It looks like they took an N800, thinned it down a bit, and put a giant crease in the middle.

Dual screens aren’t new, and the only way you could get by with such an ugly design is to either make it into a gaming system (DS anyone?) or to pack this thing full of features. The LG Venus is the first phone I’ve seen that had dual screens, and I haven’t held or seen it myself, but I wasn’t too impressed by its appearance.


Canon DW-100 DVD recorder

This nifty little device can perform double duty. On one hand, it can be what will likely be a really expensive external DVD burner, and on the other hand, you can offload video from your digital camera/camcorder direct to DVD.

There is no need for a computer with that transaction either. You just hook up your camera, follow the instructions, and then your video gets burned to a DVD. It works with MPEG-2 and AVCHD video codecs, it will work with MPEG-2 in both HD and SD formats, and HD AVCHD captures.


Boost WiFi with a pop can

MAKE has a link to a metacafe video where a lady demonstrates how to use a soda can or two to boost your WiFi signal. The instructions are simple, and all you need is a marker, an empty pop can or two that have been cleaned out, a hole punch, and something that can cut the cans without bending them too much.

You start by removing the tab, making some markings, cutting the can in half from top to bottom, punching a hole for your WiFi router/AP’s antenna, and then putting the antenna through the hole. There is a recommendation of using a marker to make the cans uniformly black, but I don’t think that matters.


Japanese Genius Idea Number 235463423: recycle cell phones into pocket sized computers

So the engineers at Hokuto System are the ones behind this, but basically they are recycling cell phone components and using a custom made board to make pocket sized computers. It looks like they are stealing the screen, RAM/ROM chips, processor, audio chips and interfaces, and CMOS sensors from the phones and putting them on a chip board.

The program appears to be called DVIEW and will begin selling these micro computers before the end of the year. Here’s the catch, they won’t be selling them to the public, they will be selling them to stores to us as POS displays and such.


Drum Bag for Rock Band drums

I am really excited about Rock Band, I have yet to be able to make it out to buy my own copy, its been busy around here, but I am patiently waiting till I get a spare moment. But for those of you who have already managed to purchase a copy, I am sure you’ve come up with a slight transportation problem when it comes to the drums, there are a lot of parts.

Well, the makers of Rock Band have your back once again, they have, for sale, a customized bag specially made to fit all the drum kit parts inside in an organized manner. Now all you need to do is get some decent sticks, a drum pad, and then work on your technique.


Thermofocus – the no contact thermometer

I would like to start off by saying, I have no children. However, I have somehow managed to always have some kind of small child in my life that I take care of from time to time. I’ve worked daycare, had baby nieces and even helped with a few different friends kids. No matter how much experience I have I still dread taking a child’s temperature.


Charlie Sheen can’t operate the iPhone properly

I happened to be watching the new Two and a Half Men when this now infamous photo was taken. I sadly have to admit that I did not even notice that the iPhone was upside down. I don’t know if it was because I was drooling over the Ferrari or I was just completely spacing.


The Ultimate Customizable Phone

There is nothing quite like that true geeky pixelated look. There have been several different bits of fashion and gadgets featuring a pixel look to them. However, this is the first cell phone sporting that particular look.


The Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Everyone needs that one room in their house that is dedicated to Space Invaders, of course, you’ll need a seperate one for all the Mario Bros. accessories too. If you’re going to dedicate any room to Space Invaders, I would suggest making it your bedroom just so you can have this bad boy lying next to your bed.


The Happy Hour Lamps

Brightly colored lamps that don’t completely look like the should be in an 8 year olds room can be hard to come by sometimes. This Happy Hour Lamp is great for any age, that is of course if you can handle the pretty yellows, oranges, blues and greens.


AntWorks Habitat

An ant farm is one of those childhood experiences that I never had, Sea Monkeys of course, but no ants. Lucky for me I now live next to a farm who introduced ants into their crop to keep other pests away and many of them find their way into my house. For those of you who are not as lucky as me there is the AntWorks.

Based on a NASA experiment this habitat makes ants cool in a way they never could be. It’s nutritious, yet homey, gel will satisfy all your ants needs, food and shelter. It comes complete with a LED illuminator and comes in blue or red. Each habitat comes with a magnifying glass, an ant catching/tunnel starting tool and an instruction booklet.