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Palm to Announce New Mobile Device on May 30

Jeff Hawkins, founder of Palm, Inc., will host a live video webcast on Wed., May 30, to describe a new category of mobile device. The webcast will follow the announcement of this new product at the D: All Things Digital conference in Carlsbad, Calif.

What: Live video webcast hosted by Jeff Hawkins
Date: May 30
Time: 11:30am Pacific

This webcast is for media, industry and financial analysts only. No pre-registration or RSVP is required.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for live coverage from D5!

SlashGear Review: Samsung’s Bluetooth-enabled YP-T9 PMP

With the comment fires raging at Microsoft’s claim to have sold a million Zunes in less than six months, perhaps it’s a good time to look at another of Apple’s competitors, and one which provokes a little less bile. Samsung has already shown itself to be capable of taking on the iPod Nano in features and style, lacking only the brand recognition in the portable media space to make full impact, with their K-3 player; now they’re back with feature overload, packing solid-state flash memory into a box with music, video and FM radio playback as well as Bluetooth. The player is the YP-T9, but can it really best the iPod?


TransDock Deluxe from DLO

TransDock Deluxe from DLO

In my Toyota 4Runner, my steering wheel has a remote that controls my car’s audio system volume, however it does not control my iPod which I docked in my car. TransDock Deluxe, an iPod accessory that works as a Dock for your iPod and equipped with a remote control that you can strap to your car’s steering wheel.

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WOWO Dog Pod: for all those pampered pets

Although it does kind of look like something made for people, this is actually for small dogs. If you have a trendy home, those plain pillows made for normal pets might not be your thing.

I actually think this bed is adorable, although it does make me cringe a little because it is nicer than the furniture I own for myself. Then again I really do hate those boring pillows, they get in your way and they just look dorky. I just don’t think I would go as far as to buy one of these.

It is made of bent ply, solid wood legs and the fluffy little pad is completely washable. It comes in bamboo, walnut, maple, cherry and white oak. However, fashion comes at a price; the bed is priced at $629.95.

Wowo Dog Pod – mid-century design for your pet [via retro to go]

The Vitality GlowCap

Taking your pills can be difficult to remember and frankly not everyone needs a day sorter. Really, those things are even inconvenient for the people that are stuck using them. This pill cap might be a great alternative.


Ben & Jerry’s fight to minimize deadly gas

Lately there have been rumors that cow farts cause more problems to our eco-system, it turns out that the cow belches are actually worse. Ben & Jerry’s has decided to help out with this issue.

I came across this and kept waiting for the punch line, but it turns out that they are serious. They even have a name for the campaign “Battle Against the Belch”. They are using a different type of food to try to suppress the belching.


Slashgear to cover the Gates vs. Jobs showdown at D5

Back in February we told you that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs will be sharing the stage at this year’s D5 hosted by the Wall Street Journal. Well that time is nearly upon us, and we’ll be bringing your firsthand coverage of the whole show.


SlashGear Review: Sinclair Research’s folding A-Bike

Toward the end of last month there was a very special 25th birthday: on the 23rd April 1982 the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was launched on an unsuspecting British public. Here in the UK Sir Clive, the founder of Sinclair, became something of a figure of fun after the failure of his C5 personal transportation machine (a swish name for an electrically-assisted recumbent tricycle), a 1985 effort to tackle urban transport, and few are aware that his research – and the marketed results of it – continues to this day. A chance link from a ZX feature led me to Mayhem UK, official distributors of the latest Sinclair product, the folding A-Bike.


HTC planning to rework your finger-phone fondlings

Despite seemingly making most of the rebadged smartphones available around the world, HTC has still found time to stir up some rumours with a new teaser campaign.  Apparently they’re planning to “herald a new mobile experience that will change the way we use and control our phones” at an exclusive event in London on June 5th, and they’ve released a photo of someone touching the number 5 to drop a heavy-handed hint at some sort of touchscreen.



Syntes’ Domino phone concept

Oh, to be a concept designer.  Free from the demands of saleability, you can concentrate on more esoteric things like prettiness, general flair and that “wow” factor that comes from not having to squeeze a whole load of electronics inside the gorgeous shell you’ve penned.  Despite this, Syntes Studio have come up with a cellphone concept that’s eminently possible.  Themed around a traditional domino, it takes as its theme not so much end-design but the prized unboxing process.



AOpen launches new Santa Rosa miniPC

If you’re into the small PCs, you might want to check out the latest offering from AOpen. Their new miniPC Duo MP965-VDR is based on the GM965 chipset and the Santa Rosa platform.


Boingo teams up with FON

Today is a good day for those seeking internet access while away from home. Boingo Mobile has teamed up with FON to increase the number of hotspots supported by around 130,000.

If you’re not familiar with Boingo Mobile, they are already the largest provider of wireless hotspots offering unlimited internet access for only $7.95. Honestly, $7.95 a month is pretty cheap, especially with as many hotspots as you get.


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