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Dell begins offering SSD drives on select notebooks

Looks like Dell is ready to jump on board with the whole SSD trend, and not without good reason. They have announced that they will be adding a 32GB SSD drive as an option to two of their laptops.

The first is their ultramobile Latitude D420 and the other is the semi-rugged D620 ATG. These are the perfect laptops to put SSD drives in. We all know that the drives are lighter and more resilient than regular platter-based hard drives. So it would only make sense to put them in light and rugged notebooks.


Kryptonite discovered!

Bad news Superman! A mining group in Serbia have unearthed the first known deposit of kryptonite. You can bet that Lex Luthor will spare no expense in an attempt to obtain a sample.


Slashgear makes top 100 blogs list

As it turns out, there are people that do in fact read Slashgear. I’ve sometimes wondered if I’m just typing up articles for my own enjoyment, and that the people commenting on my posts are really just the voices in my head. It turns out that you are in fact real people, and there are quite a few of you that read us on a regular basis.


New High Gain wireless adapters from Buffalo work up to 1600 feet away

Sometimes your regular wireless card just won’t cut it. I know of a few places that I like to frequent where I’m just on the edge of a wireless signal, so I either get a really poor connection, or non at all.


Three new Core 2 Duo processors arrive

The Core 2 Duo family just got a little bit bigger, and smarter too.


Rock out with your X-plorer on a Mac

When the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero II made its debut people were excited to find out that they could just hook it up to their PC running Vista or XP and have a fully-functional guitar to use on their PC. This instantly made the game Frets on Fire an even bigger hit than it was.


Wizard’s hat PC has a name, and a surprise

Remember that crazy PC that looked like a wizard’s hat? At the time, sources said that it was designed by Samsung. Apparently that’s not true. The ‘B-Membrain’ was a challenge winner at the Korea Design PC Contest 2007.


Benchmarks appear for the upcoming ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT

ATI’s new DirectX 10 lineup will be making its debut before long, but the guys over at DailyTech already managed to get their hands on the Radeon HD 2900 XT for some early benchmarks. If the first benchmarks are anything to go off of, things are looking good for ATI’s new cards.


More Wii’s on the way?

The Wii seems to be an elusive creature. Now and then we’ll catch wind of a store having a few Wii’s in-stock on a certain day. Then you go to said store on that fateful day only to realize that there have been people standing in line for days to get one. Then you just keep driving and pretend you’re lost so you don’t look like an idiot only showing up three hours before the store opened in hopes to get one.


Mix up tracks in style with the Baby Grand Master

Do you like mixing up tracks with a little style? Yes, I’m sure that two turntables and a microphone might suffice for some, but for those that need a little more, check this out.

More pics after the jump


The Chinese Take-out Lamp

Looking for a lamp to add a quirky twist to your home? These Chinese Take-out Lamps will do just that.


The Aura Monitor from none other than, Solid Alliance

Tired of having a sleek cellphone? Well bulk it up with this new Aura Monitor cellphone strap, from Solid Alliance. After all no one likes a slim cellphone.


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