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Gamestop to begin taking pre-orders for 360 Elite today

If you’re wanting to get your hands on a shiny new Xbox 360 Elite first thing, you might want to head down to your local Gamestop today.


How not to make a keyboard attachment for the PS3

Have you ever seen someone take a good idea and just run it into the ground? That’s exactly what MadCatz has done with their QWERTY keyboard attachment for the PS3.


Acer announces battery recall

Sony isn’t doing to well in the battery business, they’ve already had millions of their notebook batteries recalled, and they’re not through yet.

Acer has just announced a voluntary recall of 27,000 lithium ion laptop batteries. The batteries run the risk of short-circuiting and bursting into flames. That’s usually bad for something that one tends to set on their lap.


SlashGear Review: Samsung’s waif-like SGH-i320 Smartphone

If you read anything other than Electrodes Monthly then you’ll have noticed that there’s something of a backlash at the moment against “the cult of size zero” and super-skinny models. Once mainstream media has finished flambéing Kate Moss and friends, I can only assume they’ll turn their dark attentions to other proud advocates of the less-is-more ethos, the ever-shrinking mobile phone. And I fear Samsung has perhaps most to worry about, with their harem of millimeter-thin candybars and wafer-like clamshells; most scorn, though, will be heaped on their so-called smartphones that really ought to know better than extreme dieting.

It’s one of those smartphones I’ve been testing over the past few weeks, and a model that has caused no little amount of confusion. Ostensibly similar to the much-hyped Blackjack, which launched last year to fanfare, squeals of delight and outraged disappointment at the “blink and you miss it” battery life, the similarly slim i320 is more of a feature-spared younger sibling that lacks the high-speed HSDPA and instead makes do with quad-band GSM EDGE for its data shuffling.


Sprint introduces BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

If you’re looking for a good phone that will keep you connected around the globe, the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition will be coming to Sprint this July.


Steve Ballmer talks convergence

When chair-wielding Microsoftie Steve Ballmer sits across from you gripping a UMPC like a brick, that’s when you should consider running.  The interviewer at Microsoft Germany is far braver than I am, however, and stays put to discuss convergent devices – particularly HTC’s Shift – and how they fit into, rather than replace, your current computing setup.

via UMPC Portal

Update on the Folding@home project

It’s been a little while since we last reported on the impact the PS3 has had on the Folding@home program. Needless to say, it has provided a significant boost to the project.


New 3G ExpressCard from AT&T

Those of you waiting for a good 3G ExpressCard from AT&T can finally stop waiting. The company released their Option GT Max 3.6 Express.


Rapsody – Not to be confused with Rhapsody

The new Rapsody N35 player from Inter Genius Systems looks like it would make a perfect addition to anyone’s home entertainment system.


Scientists break Internet speed record

What does it feel like to download an entire HD movie in a matter of seconds? Your best bet is to ask the group of scientists that did the equivalent of that recently.

The Japanese scientists that performed this feat were a part of the Internet2 Consortium. They managed to clock speeds of over 9.08Gbps over the internet to a facility 20,000 miles away.


Pictures of an 80GB PS3?

We know that Sony has been kicking around the idea of introducing a PS3 with a larger hard drive, but it seemed like it was going to be a few months off. However, a new 80GB PS3 has apparently shown up in the wild.


Intel announces a new round of price cuts

As Intel prepares for a refresh to their Core 2 Duo line they have decided to cut prices across the board on their current processors.


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