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The Sun Pod, bake away all that pretty skin with style

Are you getting frustrated with the sun? Not achieving that skin cancer as early as you would have like? Well now the Sun Pod is here to help.


The Breath Alert; lets you know when you need a tic tac

How your breath smells is one of those awkward things that always worried you at the worst possible moments. Like when you are attempting to confidently lean for a first kiss. Breath Alert is the solution to that constant concern.


The Hotdoll; your puppy’s new sex doll

This is definitely a product pretty high up on the freaky list. However, there are some who would disagree with me on that one. Well who wouldn’t want to buy a sex toy for their puppy dog? After all, all of your old stuffed animals and any other inanimate object are worn out from all of the recent humping activity from your little Chihuahua.


Slashgear Forums have gone live

We’ve been working hard on some new features over here at Slashgear and we’re proud to announce that our Forums are live. Users will be able to talk about upcoming gadgets, modding, the latest in tech or whatever is on your mind.

If you haven’t already done so, head over to our registration page to get signed up. Once you’ve registered you’ll have the power post comments and talk in the forums. If you want to discuss an article that you’re reading, just scroll past the comments and click ‘Continue the discussion in Slashgear Forums’ and you’ll instantly transported to the corresponding thread.

Customers to Dell: “We want XP”

The Vista launch hasn’t exactly been the greatest. Yes, many people have upgraded (myself included), but there are still many people that don’t want to make the switch (again, I’m guilty). It seems that so many people want to stick with XP that Dell has begun to offer Windows XP as on option again on several of their systems


Amazon eBook reader set to knock Sony into a cocked hat

What happened to the Sony Reader?  For a while you couldn’t move online without metaphorically tripping over someone squealing about it, or criticising it, or modifying it in some way, and now it seems like an age since hearing e-ink mentioned.  Well, next to take a ride on the hype donkey is Amazon with their “Kindle” eBook, which has been capturing hearts and generally strutting around like it owns the place at the London Book Fair.


Xbox 360 Elite in the wild

Are you just itching to get your hands on an Xbox 360 Elite? Well thankfully major retailers feel that they no longer need to adhere to strict release dates. It appears that at least one Target store has released them early.


Sony squashes hope of new VR controller

Remember that patent for a cool PS3 controller I showed you a few days ago? Well, don’t get too excited about it. Sony was kind enough to squash any hopes that we had of ever owning one of these.


A possible price drop for the PS3

With the announcement that Sony is dropping the 20GB PS3 from their lineup, that ensured that you would need to fork over $600 to get even the lowest model. Many people think that’s more than they want to pay for the gaming console. Now it seems that Sony may be considering a price cut.


Microsoft still pondering Zune Phone?

Zune phone? I thought Microsoft was going to stay away from that? Oh Bill, you think you’re so sneaky, but we’re on to you. A new patent has appeared under Microsoft’s name that makes us believe they’ve been planing a Zune Phone for some time now.


Could this be the Apple UMPC we’ve been waiting for?

The guys over at Textura Design got to spend some time with Mark Parker, Chief Evangelist from Intel’s Mobility Group. He just happened to be showing off the new IUMPC 2008 that we showed you yesterday. It turns out, this platform may be exactly what Apple has been waiting for to get into the UMPC market.



It’ll be another year before Blu-ray hits the iMac

If you thought you might hold off buying a iMac until this fall so you can get Leopard and Blu-ray you’re going to be disappointed. No, Leopard hasn’t been delayed again, but Blu-ray won’t be coming until 2008.