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AMD breaks 3GHz barrier, it’s about time

I’ve been disappointed in AMD lately. I used to be a hardcore AMD fan, but Intel finally won me over with their Core 2 Duo. That’s not to say that I won’t give them another chance. Today I’m taking a look at their Athlon 64 X2 6000+, their first to reach 3Ghz.


Slug bug…..chocolate?

Slug bug…..chocolate?

I seriously doubt this bug is all that road friendly, but it would be really funny to see flying down the highway. A Chinese car company wrapped the bug in plastic wrap and then spread 440 pounds of melted chocolate all over the bug.

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Unboxing – Paypal security key

Two unboxing articles in less than a week? Yes, I’m a busy guy. My latest unboxing comes from Paypal. I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago on these little guys, and I just got mine today.

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Digital piggy bank

Feel the need to get a more tech friendly piggy bank? Now there is the new digital I-Piggy or I-Panda bank. It doesn’t have any of those strange qualities like some of the crazy alarm clocks you see a lot. It’s just a bank with that someone has actually updated to fit our world today, so you can say goodbye to your old mason jar that currently holds you change.


Pimp my baby-tattoo edition

Do you as a parent feel the need to put novelty things on your child’s skin before they even know what they are? Now you can buy Tattoos for Babies, and no I’m not kidding. The FDA actually approved this too.


PC World plant seeds of change with green PC

Environmentalists have long been complaining that most computers sold are far less than “green”, and while there have been ecologically-considered options before now they’ve been nowhere near mainstream.  UK retailer PC World aims to change all that, or at least so their press release would have you believe, with a sustainable computer made from recycled and energy efficient components.


Electrolux gives up their dishwashing secrets

After decades of doubt and confusion, I think we’ve finally laid the old “does the light in the fridge really go out?” dilemma to rest.  Now, weary multitudes turn their paranoid eyes to the next piece of kitchen machinery: the humble dishwasher.  “Just what goes on in there?” a man stopped me in the street and asked, yesterday.  “Can we be sure it’s not Communism?” a veteran pondered out loud while in the queue for a warm, soy milk-based beverage.



Your whole life documented electronically

Having started a new job at the beginning of the year, I’m finding myself regularly running into people who I recognise but am unable to recall their name, where they work or in what context I know them.  It’s frustrating and potentially embarrassing.  Not a problem likely to occur in Gordon Bell’s life, however; everything he’s seen, everything he’s read, all the sites he’s browsed to, the IM and email conversations he’s had, it’s all stored electronically: 150GB over the past six years, in fact.


Police armed with vibrating glove

Anyone who is familiar with James Bond flick Dr No will remember that the eponymous villain’s downfall was the lack of grip afforded by his metal hands.  Now it’s looking like not only is he not allowed to tinker with nuclear fusion, but he wouldn’t be allowed to join the Merseyside police’s new roboglove-toting security force.



Samsung’s latest TFT spurns DVI, VGA for USB

Here’s a curious one.  Everything USB reports that Samsung will be unveiling a new TFT monitor at CeBIT next month; nothing too strange there, except if you check out the SyncMaster 940UX’s booty you’ll only find USB connections, not VGA or DVI.  Hooking up via USB would certainly make things easier: given the ubiquity of the technology, adding extra monitors to your desktop or laptop would no longer require a dual-head graphics card or external graphics processor. 


As they point out, however, the 19-inch display will likely have to use your computer’s CPU to crunch graphics, meaning it’s not ideal for any situation where you’re already hammering the processor (gaming, music or video processing, etc.)  The alternative would be to have an external graphics card built in to the monitor itself, which would likely make this an expensive proposition.

PC World [via Everything USB]

Griffin Reflects on high-fashion in iPod cases

Looks like someone at Griffin has been eyeing up LG’s Shine cellphone for design inspiration.  Their latest range of iPod cases have discrete, mirrored front panels that allow the light from the display through when the DAP is turned on, but double as handy make-up mirrors when they’re turned off.


$24.99 seems eminently reasonable, although if you worried about your iPod being a fingerprint magnet then you’ll have palpitations trying to keep the Griffin case clean.  It’s also available for the Sandisk Sansa DAP.

Griffin [via technabob]

Gear Live nurse the Lensbaby

I’m no photographer – unless you count certain through-the-curtain peep shots of squirrels making minxery in the back garden – but I do appreciate a well-composed picture.  Some of the most interesting shots are taken when focus is tweaked, such as is done by Lensbaby‘s range of tilt-shift focus lens bellows.


Gear Live took advantage of a threaded screw and affixed a Lensbaby 3G to their favourite digital SLR.  Check out their views and some sample shots after the cut.