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Air purifier for your computer

Is the air around you tainted? Don’t you wish you could just plug something into your computer that probably doesn’t help it at all? Yea, me too. It seems that the world is becoming overpopulated with useless USB devices. The Ionic USB Air Purifier is one that I think we can add to the list.

The little gadget “discharges negative ions to absorb second-hand smoke, odors, clean airborne dust, and eliminate bacteria, germs, viruses.” Even though it has nothing to show for all of its hard work, like a fan or filter, I’m sure it works. Really, I am.

USB purifier claims to clear the air
[via crave]

The umbrella that will bring you to the dark side

Dark side of the street that is. These cool umbrellas will certainly light up your surroundings in the rain.

These gadgets are just crying out for bad Star Wars puns. But honestly, I don’t really see Darth Vader walking around with one. They come with three colors: red, blue, and black with a white light.

I think it would be a pretty cool sight to see someone walking around in the pouring rain with one of these. For $42, you’ll look like a true Sith lord, walking around with your red umbrella.

The Light Saber Umbrella-shows you the light [via newlaunches]

The army of drumming hippies

The army of drumming hippies

Now you can have your very own army of drumming hippies (drumming not drunken). I have no idea why, but I think these things are awesome. Yes, I realize they are a bit ridiculous. Not only that, but the girls also kind of look like troll dolls.

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The Retro straightening iron-Meh!

The Retro straightening iron-Meh!

I absolutely love retro products; I even carry a cigarette case with a pinup girl on the front instead of a wallet like everyone else. There is a line of hair products out there now by head gear Retro, they have a hair dryer, straightening iron, and a Ceramic Spiral Tong.

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Dog’s best friend-the SimpleHuman Sensor Trash Can

Dog’s best friend-the SimpleHuman Sensor Trash Can

This is another one of those products that at first glance seems awesome. I was reading through it getting all excited, because I had found a way to be even more lazy. Then after it settled in a bit I realized that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. The SimpleHuman Sensor Trash Can is exactly as it sounds, it senses your presence and it pops open for you.

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No AppleTV in February

It’s official, the AppleTV won’t be shipping until mid March. So let the wheels of the rumor mill start churning. Why is it delayed?

Could it be manufacturing issues? Maybe they’re going to release Leopard around mid March as well. I doubt that these are the case, but with Apple, you can’t ever be sure.

Lets just hope that they don’t follow suit with the iPhone. We can barely wait until June for it.

AppleTV Delayed Til March: Aaand the Hold Up Is?
[via gizmodo]

ThinkGeek wages war against deep sleep

Look, this clock is called the Sonic Bomb – it has an alarm capable of being cranked up to 113db and, if that’s not enough to shift you, there’s a remote vibration unit which slips under your mattress and wibbles you awake – and even though it’s advertised as being bloody loud I’m certain someone will injure their ears with it and sue ThinkGeek for medical costs.


Japanese fast-food junkies get simple cellphone payment

Sometimes you read a story and it rings all too true for you.  This evening I managed to ruin some chicken (stupid crappy broiler) so decided to grab some McDonalds drive-thru, only I got there and didn’t have cash on me and so had to find a cashpoint.  Nearest one charged me an almost 20% processing fee for the pleasure of withdrawing my own money, then if you’ve ever experienced the UK version of “fast food” you’ll know they manage to excise the “fast” part and just leave you with “tepid crap”.

Oh to be in Japan!  NTT DoCoMo and McDonalds have announced a partnership where cellphone subscribers will be able to swipe their handsets as e-payment for food. 

The service will start in October 2007.

McDonalds and DoCoMo launches mobile payment in Japan [SlashPhone]

DNA Data could last a century

When did you last wash your hands?  Funnily enough, at some point in the future you might just have rinsed away your family photos.  Researchers in Japan have figured out a way to slot specially-constructed DNA into the genome DNA of a bacterium; while each individual cell is relatively short-lived, the genome is passed down from generation to generation and thus the information encoded is preserved as long as the bacteria colony is.

In fact, the researchers are claiming that longevity measured in terms of hundreds or thousands of years could be expected. 

Institute of Advanced Biosciences, Keio University [via Pclaunches]

Spy-stick keeps an eye on your kids

Let’s face it, you can’t trust your kids.  Give them an inch and they’ll take your credit cards, laptop and cellphone and run up huge charges on pay-per-view sex sites.  So thank the sweet mother Bertie that fear-fuelling companies like CYBERsitter are around, with their remote tracking USB SnoopStick.



Super-sleek Giugiaro concept has a hydrogen heart

We’ve already seen that just because a car is economical, it doesn’t have to be boring; now the super-green lobby have a pin-up, in the shape of Giugiaro’s Vadhò.  The aerodynamic body-shell is built on a one-off chassis, sitting two passengers in tandem in a fighter-jet styled cockpit that could be sited on either the left or right side depending on which country the car was built for.


(more…) vs. Motorola: the verdict is in!

Regular readers may be aware that the guys behind SlashGear/SlashPhone/MYiPhone/Unbox.IT (among others) have been involved in a domain name dispute with Motorola since October last year. The URL in question is, which we registered back in July 2004, and has been a source of cellphone related news ever since.

Three aspects of Motorola’s complaint were ruled on: that the domain name is confusingly similar to a trademark in which they have rights; that we, the current owners of, had neither rights nor legitimate interests in the domain, and that we had registered and used it in “bad faith”.

The WIPO Administrative Panel invited Motorola on several occasions to prove use of the MOTORAZR mark before they registered it in June 2005, abut they were unable or unwilling to do so. Instead, they claimed that anything involving MOTO (which had been registered back in 2001) should come under the Motorola umbrella and be protected as a mark of their own. The panel, reasonably, declined to give Motorola rights to everything from MOTORWAYS to the MOTORCYCLES that drive along them.

As for using in “bad faith”, the panel disagreed with Motorola’s claim:

“[Motorola has given] no explanation of why the evidence of [their] real and actual use of MOTORAZR is so thin, why a year passed from product launch to trademark application, and why [they] failed to respond to the [WIPO] Panel’s express invitation to provide further information”

Because of that, the panel also factored out Motorola’s suggestion that was expressly designed to misdirect readers into an advertising site.

Motorola’s claim, then, was dismissed, in no small part due to the fact that they apparently had no substance to back up their claims.

Please find attached the full text of the decision issued on February 15, 2007 by the Administrative Panel in the above-referenced case.

The Administrative Panel’s finding is as follows:

“For all the foregoing reasons, the Complaint is denied.”

Yours sincerely,

Gabriele Bahr
Case Manager

Domain disputes are happening every day, many of them large companies looming large over individuals and demanding they hand over their coveted URL. As this author can confirm it’s undoubtedly a scary situation to find yourself in, and the idea of fighting it seems vaguely farcical when you consider the legal might these companies have. Yet if there’s one thing we know now it’s that simply because a corporation is big, it doesn’t mean they’re always in the right – or that they’ve done their homework before putting in a complaint.

Click through for detailed response from Mr. Thomas D. Halket – Sole Panelist.


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