Matt Salter

Austin, Texas
Miami University
Technology, Arts, Gaming
  • Matt has more than 13 years of wide-ranging experience, from up-to-the-minute reporting to charity fundraisers to screenplays, scripts and gaming materials.
  • Though his journalism career, Matt has covered arts, culture, finance and gaming, but his passion has always been technology.
  • Matt's specialist subject is the intersection of technology and culture, and he's fascinated by the ways people make tools and how tools change people.


Matt Salter is a full-time professional writer, editor and content creator based in Austin, Texas. He's worked at everything from field reporting to nonprofit fundraising, to game design and theatre direction, uniting that versatility with a love of technology and an ongoing fascination with new tools, new ideas, and the ways in which they change the culture around them. His goal is to create content that informs, guides and inspires, helping his readers navigate the post-digital world.


Matt Salter has a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies from Miami University of Ohio. His self-designed honors course focused on writing, communication and creative voice in the post-Internet age.
Stories By Matt Salter