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Sony Ericsson HCB-700: Car Handsfree

Do you have trouble finding your phone while you are driving? Holding phone while you are driving is not only illegal in some countries but also hard and dangerous. That is why handsfree become handy. The bluetooth car handsfree from Sony Ericsson makes it even more convenient for you. The HCB-700 is a truly handsfree call handling in the car. You can make a call by saying the phone number or the name of the person that is already registered in your phone’s address book and the HCB-700 dials it for you. This Voice Digit Dialing feature makes call handling much safer and more convenient.

The HCB-700 comes with two separated unites. The control unit can be attached to your hand while mounting info display at the eye level – i.e. on the car’s dashboard or close to the rearview mirror. With the Bluetooth technology, you don’t even have to take the phone out. This HCB-700 cost £99.95 ($131)

Sony Ericsson HCB-700

Sony Ericsson HCB-700

Truly handsfree with Voice Digit Dialling [via Sony Ericsson]

Philips CD5351S DECT Cordless Color Phone

We all know that most of the cell phone in the market now come in color, so why not the home phone!? If you like something fancy, you’d like this white babe from Philips. The CD5351S DECT is a cordless phone with a color screen: 4096 display color with 98×67 pixel and CSTN display technology. The phone can play games, store 50 numbers, and send and log SMS texts. This cordless phone has a base that also works as an answering machine, and that can accommodate up to five handsets.

Philips CD5351S DECT features digital answering machine with 15-minute recording time and illuminated message-counter on base, icon-driven color menu, selectable wallpapers, games, SMS, identify call ID by the ringtone, and hands-free speakerphone. This Philips phone costs $89.

Welcome to the color world [via Philips]

Sony-Ericsson Moving on Mobile and Broadband TV

If you love Sony-Ericsson, this news will make you love it even more. The cell phone giant is now planning to move beyond cell phones to mobile and broadband TV. Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson and Japan’s electronics giant Sony will together develop software to link their products through wireless networks within the next two years. Per Nordlof, Ericsson’s director of product strategy and portfolio management, said that he envisions about 30 percent of users regularly watching television on their phones.

Nordlof also mentioned that Ericsson believes broadband TV will be an important factor, and most telecom operators will have to offer television through their broadband networks in order to keep their customers.

Sony-Ericsson Looking To Take On Mobile And Broadband TV
[via crunchgear]

Pocket Plasma

Yo! Would like to be cool!? If you are looking for a trick to get attention from people around you wherever you go, here is one possible way. You can walk down the street with the Pocket Plasma and be the coolest “walking light.”

Pocket Plasma is a 3” screen, battery operated, portable, and so small that you can clip it almost everywhere. The lighting of the Pocket Plasma will respond to environmental sounds. The flame is made of clear glass, and the center is white when off. Use 2 AAA batteries to power your Pocket Plasma. Bring it to parties and watch the lightning respond to the best of music or your voice. You can own this cool device for a sum of $45.

Pocket Plasma [via]

Keyton Innova Massage Chairs

Keyton Innova Massage Chairs

Looking for something super nice this Christmas? How about luxury furniture that just fits in your place? Or, some good massage after a long day at work? Would it be nice to have something that helps relax from your toes upwards when you get back home? Yes! I’m talking about the Innova Massage Chairs from Keyton.

This babe is a robotized Shiatsu massage chair able to automatically adapt the massage to each back’s needs. A sophisticated control panel, located in the arm of the chair, allows you to enjoy an automatic massage at just a press of button. Its new SensorScan massage system allows you to personalize up to 32 types of massages with the remote control, and with the most advance technology available, the Keyton massage chairs can analyze the user’s back muscles at more than 350 massage points giving you the best-possible massage for a price of $7,500.

Keyton Innova Massage Chair [Via Bornrich]

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