The Daily Slash: December 10 2010

Hooray on top of hooray, it's like Christmas came super early, we got our hands on and unboxed a Google Nexus S and you're all invited to sit by the campfire and watch! Joy! Then prepare yourself for a better way to leak as WikiLeaks staff members declare their intention of creating a separate site by the name of Openleaks. Next, get super pumped up and take a look at a leaked five year plan for Blizzard Entertainment – can you say Diablo III? SEE Facebook turn down a $15 BILLION DOLLAR offer from Microsoft. And SEE the Netbook category Go Extinct via Ben.All this and MORE today on The Daily Slash!R3 Media NetworkEditor's ChoiceTangible Digital Music via C60 by IDEO [SEVERE WANT]Google Hotpot NFC stickers will work with Nexus S [NFC 4 LYFE]Notion Ink prompting concerns with lack of hardware demo, sky-high return fees [Updated] [WATCH OUT]Google smash, freeze & burn 25 Cr-48 Chrome OS notebooks in praise of the cloud [Video] [DIE!]Speakal outs Cool iPig iPhone dock system [OINK]Windows Phone 7 Launcher On Android [NEATO]Google Nexus S unboxing & hands-on [Video] [HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY]Wine Vending Machines in Pennsylvania [NEXT, WHISKEY DISPENSERS]Gorillaz to Release FREE Album on Christmas Day, Entirely Recorded on iPad [GORILLAZ FA FREE]SlashPhoneHTC Legend Gets Android 2.2 Update Across EuropeAndroid 2.3 Update To Hit Samsung Galaxy S SmartphoneCostco to Stop Selling Apple DevicesAndroid CommunityEpic has no immediate plans to bring Infinity Blade to Android gamersDell confirms AT&T-locked Streak Froyo update in Jan 2011Google NFC Hotpot stickers will pull Places into your Gingerbread phone [NFC]Howard Stern content coming to XM Radio appNotion Ink doubts surface: questions first, pre-orders later [Updated]LG Optimus One Series Will Receive Android 2.3Motorola Android Tablet In The Wilds, With Specs?Droid X Update Available Now 2.2.1 (Blur 2.3.340)4G Tablet Planned by T-Mobile for 2011Froyo now available for Vibrant on Bell, Virgin Mobile and SaskTelLG Boasts Over 2 Million Sales of its Optimus SeriesWirefly Brings Android Home For The Holidays With Big Sale80 Percent of Verizon Phones sold are Android, BlackBerry devices in steep declineWindows Phone 7 Launcher On AndroidGoogle Nexus S unboxing & hands-on [Video]"Exploding" DROID 2 more likely damaged after a drop tips Motorola insiderAngry Birds "Bad Piggy Bank" in-app payments announcedSlashGearNovatel sue ZTE and Franklin Wireless over alleged MiFi patent infringementUS military force removable media lock-down to prevent WikiLeaks sequelDZdock was created by an 11-year-oldMicrosoft add Windows Phone 7 download reports to App Hub; pull forward royalty payoutsGran Turismo 5 sells like donuts at a police conventionApple iTunes Rewind 2010 highlights hot trends in iOS appsAnonymous to stop DDoS attacks and start spamming Wikileaks content?Patriot Memory launches Supersonic USB 3.0 driveGelaSkins launches skins for new MacBook Air modelsiKit unveils cool FM transmitter for iPod/iPhone with touchscreenUMID is no more according to DynamismEngineer builds working reproduction of Greek Antikythera Mechanism from LegoHTV Evo gets Ballistic HD case protectionSpeakal outs Cool iPig iPhone dock systemRJI survey looks into how people use their iPadOrbotix Sphero remote-control game ball due at CES 2011Amazon WikiLeaks ebook back on sale as retailer denies hypocrisyFirst "Operation Payback" DDoS arrest made; WikiLeaks denies involvementiPad 2 dual-camera rumors refuse to die: "slimmer, lighter & better resolution"Google smash, freeze & burn 25 Cr-48 Chrome OS notebooks in praise of the cloud [Video]Mathmos Smart Astro lava lamp adds LEDs to 60s classicMac App Store will lack in-app payments & Game Center at launchSprint 4G tablet plans confirmed: PlayBook, HTC EVO Shift 4G or something else?Notion Ink prompting concerns with lack of hardware demo, sky-high return fees [Updated]Second Windows Phone 7 update due at MWC 2011 tip developersRock Paper Robot "Float" table is tactile bundle of magnetic cubes [Video]Tangible Digital Music via C60 by IDEOWorld's Earliest Computer Made of LegoGrand Theft Auto Creators Sued by Shagg for $250 Million BucksDr Dre's Beats Headphones Go BieberWine Vending Machines in PennsylvaniaOpenleaks to be Launched by Former WikiLeaks StaffSkyara Sells ExperienceBlizzard China Leaks Five Year Plan, Manager ResignsThing-O-Matic is Inexpensive Star Trek ReplicatorMicrosoft Offer of $15 BILLION Rejected by FacebookThe Netbook Category Will Go ExtinctGorillaz to Release FREE Album on Christmas Day, Entirely Recorded on iPadJenga App for iOS Devices: Mini Review [JUST A MINI]Qualcomm FLO TV rebate program unveiled ahead of service shutdown

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