Jenga App for iOS Devices: Mini Review

Chris Burns - Dec 10, 2010
Jenga App for iOS Devices: Mini Review

Welcome to the virtual reality world of Jenga. Some of you might be aware of the Jenga game in the real world, but it’s basically time to forget about that and get in to the real deal, this app for iOS devices. This game is so good that there’s not a free demo version in the world for it. You’ve just got to lay down your cash, either three bucks or five bucks, and have at it. I and we have it downloaded already and are having not just moments, but hours of fun playing inside the tiny screen of the iPod Touch. Now you TOO can play Jenga at Applebees.

I’ve got the “mini-review” tag on this post because there’s not really that much to say. This app is basically completely excellent. You choose from several ways to play Jenga, either original or points-grabbing ways in the “Arcade” version, and you go for it! Click any brick on the short side or the long side and drag it out, bit by bit, little by little. You’re timed, though, so watch out!

Bottom line: this app is worth the price you pay for it all day long. Especially if you enjoy the game in its analog form, but even if you don’t. This app costs $2.99 in its regular form, $4.99 for the super fancy HD version that works only on the iPad. Take a peek at the gallery below to get a tiny taste of what to expect. Fun! Also take a look at the full official description:

The official Jenga® game is here! Designed in consultation with Leslie Scott, the original creator of Jenga®, Jenga for iPhone/iPod touch lets you take the tower building experience anywhere.


Real-time 3D physics simulation, authentically recreating the behavior of a real wooden Jenga tower. Each block is realistically affected by the surrounding blocks, recreating the same strategic depth as the original game.


Anyone who’s played Jenga knows how delicate your touch needs to be. The iPhone’s super-accurate touch screen gives you the control you’ll need to go for world record heights (incidentally… the record is 40 2/3 layers!). Blocks can be teased out using a mix of gentle tapping and drag controls. It’s easy to begin with, but you’ll soon find it tough when the pressure is on and the tower is wobbling!


Obviously the best part of Jenga is putting off your friends as they are making their move. The four-player Pass’n’Play mode truly reproduces the nail-biting tension of the real thing… but you can play it anywhere!
And what’s more, Jenga for iPhone lets you compare your current tower height against that of friends around the world – while you play! A little friendly competition is the best motivator…


Jenga on iPhone introduces a brand new mode: Jenga Arcade. Match colors for exrtra points and score multipliers by moving fast – but don’t topple the tower! While you play, you earn coins which you can spend on special boosts like collapse reverse, multipliers, and wildcards. It’s fast and frantic… totally turning Jenga on its head.


Jenga for iPhone is beautiful. With full Retina display support, you won’t see a single pixel. Advanced wood shaders make the tower pop out and let you gauge its stability. And everything is set in beautiful environments, rivalling the quality of modern games consoles.


Like all titles from NaturalMotion Games, Jenga fully supports Apple’s Game Center including leaderboards, achievements and easy friend comparisons.


Designed in consultation with Leslie Scott, the inventor of Jenga, to create the most authentic Jenga experience ever.

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