GelaSkins launches skins for new MacBook Air models

GelaSkins has been making protective and cool skins for the lid of notebooks and other gadgets for a long time now. The company has been protecting the slid of MacBooks for years and has unveiled new GelaSkin offerings for the new Apple MacBook Air computers.GelaSkins is offering skins it a huge array of styles for the 13-inch Air 2nd gen and for the new 11-inch MacBook Air as well. These skins not only help to protect your notebook from scratches and dings, but they look really cool to boot. The skins are very thin at less than 1mm thick and use 3M adhesive for installation.

The skins can be removed if you want later on and will not prevent you from using any other covers or cases on your MacBook Air machine. The skins for the Airs are $29.95 each and they have some awesome designs like the Spartans one here from Frank Miller. There are tons of styles and offerings for you to choose from.