Anonymous to stop DDoS attacks and start spamming Wikileaks content?

We all know you can't believe everything you read or find online. Sometimes the things we run across are lies, misleads or just outright wrong. It's hard to get away from the drama that is Wikileaks right now so I will assume you are all familiar with the issues around the site and the anonymous group that has been attacking sites perceived to be enemies of Wikileaks.

So far the group has attacked MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, and Amazon. A new image has surfaced online with a sort of manifesto for the plans that are coming since the DDoS attacks have only given the Wikileaks non-supporters a "black eye."

The image supposedly from one of the heads of the group Anonymous and calls for the people to read through the Wikileaks documents and find the ones that are good, but haven't been publicized. The group is then calling for members to spam the posts everywhere. Make YouTube videos of themselves reading the posts, and to post them on forums and other places with misleading titles. The reason the image maker reasons is that the people fear exposure more than they fear DDoS attacks. For the record, I fear snakes more than exposure or spam.

Via BoingBoing