Grand Theft Auto Creators Sued by Shagg for $250 Million Bucks

Chris Burns - Dec 10, 2010, 4:15pm CST
Grand Theft Auto Creators Sued by Shagg for $250 Million Bucks

So you know how when you go back to your cave of video games, you open up a 2-liter of Mountain Dew, you fire up the oven to lay in some $2 pizzas or go ahead and order from some big chain like Domipapas or whatever you might call it, and you bust out the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to murder a few hundred civilians whilst stealing cars and outrunning the police? Turns out you might be living the life of none other than Michael “Shagg” Washington, a man claiming to be a backup singer from Cypress Hill. Say what?

Washington is saying he met with the game’s developers for two hours back however many years ago, answering questions about “his street life including how the teen-agers in his gang rode around on bicycles.” He says he was told by these developers that if they chose to use his likeness / his life story in the game, he’d be notified. Well guess what?

Now Washington is saying the lead character “CJ” is not only based on him aesthetically, but that his storyline is a BIT too close to Washington’s own troubled youth. Now he’s filing a complaint with the Los Angeles Superior Court, asking for no less than 25% of the game’s billion dollar profit. Dat’s a lotta loot.

According to MobyGames, a place similar to but for video games, Washington DOES show up in the credits for Andreas under the Talent section. On the other hand, over at the official Cypress Hill homepage, they’ve distanced themselves from this man they say has got nothing to do with the band at all. Who is this mystery man then really? Or is it C.H. that’s forgetting they’ve had some Shagg in their past? Either way, I bet B-Real loves him some GTA.

[Via Courthouse News Service]

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