Qualcomm FLO TV rebate program unveiled ahead of service shutdown

Qualcomm has announced it will offer a partial rebate to those who have bought FLO TV devices and service plans for its digital TV service, ahead of the official shut-down on March 27 2011. According to the FLO TV rebate page, submitting a claim will automatically end your service plan with the company, with the device going dead within 72hrs.

Buyers of the FLO TV Personal Television, Audiovox Portable DVD Player with FLO TV and FLO TV Auto Entertainment devices will be eligible for rebates, which will be pro-rated depending on which hardware was bought and how much of the service plan is left. Those who bought a device but are yet to activate it will have to show proof of purchase.

Qualcomm is not requesting the return of the FLO TV devices themselves, and if you bought official FLO TV accessories then you can request rebates on those as well. Applications have to be made by April 30 2011. Qualcomm has previously suggested it may use the FLO TV technology and spectrum for data-casting, offloading regular network traffic and reducing congestion.

[via GigaOm]