Google smash, freeze & burn 25 Cr-48 Chrome OS notebooks in praise of the cloud [Video]

Usually, when an interesting new gadget arrives, we have to wait until iFixit gets around to tearing it down before we see what's going on inside. Google, though, don't appear willing to wait for that to happen; they've pushed out a video to demonstrate the benefits of cloud-based working, and along the way 25 Google Cr-48 notebooks are broken, frozen, shattered and generally mistreated.Video destruction after the cut

There's also death by burning – including a craftily toasted marshmallow – and the liberal application of ice cream to the 12.1-inch ultraportable. All very tongue-in-cheek, but it does give Chrome UX designer Glen Murphy an opportunity to highlight how handy it can be when all your documents are safe on some remote server.

An Engadget tipster, meanwhile, sent them in some rather more useful teardown shots (we're guessing they were motivated by actually wanting to reassemble their Chrome OS notebook afterward). If you're looking on in horror and thinking that you could've put a Cr-48 to better use, then stay tuned to SlashGear; we've got some interesting news later on today.