RJI survey looks into how people use their iPad

RJI or the Reynolds Journalism institute has published a survey it conducted that looked into how people are using their iPad along with other aspects like how satisfied users are with the tablet. The results are not unexpected honestly. The survey found that iPad news apps might diminish print newspaper subscriptions in 2011.

The users of the iPad are mostly well-educated and affluent men between 35 and 64 who are early adopters of tech. The survey found that 82% of all that responded were men. Over half of those that responded have a household income of at least $100,000 yearly. The survey also found that 76.3% of iPad owners that responded have at least a bachelor's degree and 38% had at least a master's degree.

Nine out of ten that responded list their satisfaction as very satisfied with 23.4% saying they are somewhat satisfied, 76.1% of those that responded plan to recommend the iPad to a friend, and 28.3% of the users say that they use the iPad for more than two hours per day. The most common use for the iPad is to keep up with news and recent events with 84.4% saying that is what they do with the tablet. 81.5% say they read books, papers, and magazines with the tablet.