UMID is no more according to Dynamism

The last time we wrote about UMID was back in June and at the time; the company had a new product that that sounded decent enough called the mbook SE. The SE was an interesting little machine and the way that most folks here in the States got a UMID product was through importer Dynamism.Pocketables reports that a geek that was looking to order up is UMID ultraportable from dynamism received an email from the company to alert him that UMID has gone out of business and that no more mbook models were available. The defunct models include the UMID M1, BZ, and the new SE.

The question of whether or not the company is out of business is unclear. Pocketables says that the UMID official website redirects to Korean seller where there is no sign that the company is out of business leading to some speculation that Korean geeks can still get the devices. If you want an mbook, you need to make a friend in Korea.