Tangible Digital Music via C60 by IDEO

Chris Burns - Dec 10, 2010
Tangible Digital Music via C60 by IDEO

If you’re like me, and people call you a hipster because you collect records and still play music on your iPod instead of on your record player which you might or might not actually own, this will interest you severely. Behold a project that was born like all sweet industrial design projects are: as a concept. Inside the book “I Miss My Pencil” there was a project that became this reality: a surface, shaped to recall the size and shape of a record (or a stack of records, rather) or a record player, called C60 (Redux). In this project by IDEO, all you’ve got to do is place your music cards (the size of cassette tapes) down on the surface and your speakers (via your computer) will play the song you desire.

Each time you put down a card, the corresponding song is added to your playlist. Your playlist is decided by how you’ve got the cards in order, starting with the first card you’ve laid down and going clockwise. If you want to stop a song, simply lift it away from the surface. All of this is done with, yes, you guessed it, RFID tags and sensors. I love love love this idea and I would love love love for someone to make it a large enough reality so that I could own one. That’s all I ask in the wooorld!

[Via Core77]

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