Skyara Sells Experience

Chris Burns - Dec 10, 2010
Skyara Sells Experience

As it is the holiday season when I write this post, I suggest thinking about something like this for the person who says they want nothing, couldn’t possibly see the value in another gift, that person who you cannot possibly satisfy. How about tea with MC Hammer? You TOO can do wild and crazy things like a Trap and Skeet Shoot with the co-founder of MySpace! All of this is available (at a cost) via this fabulous new place by the name of Skyara. They’ve got the two experiences I just mentioned up for promoting this startup – other events cost anywhere from $10 to over $100.

The site’s set up so you can either be a buyer (free) or a seller (15% fee) and work your skills to make a bit of cash. More than likely the people who run the site will be less than willing to host your “escort” services, but it appears that basically anything else is up for grabs. Want a San Francisco Architecture tour for $20? Yes! Want to learn how to twist balloon animals for $120? Maybe not. Take a peek if you live in Southern California (presumably open to more areas soon), or set up a request for experiences you’d like to see for sale in the future.

[Via Skyara]

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