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Harman Kardon Home Theater Systems: HS500

I’m all about good sound qualities and systems. After a long day at work, you’d need something entertaining. And what will be better than sit and relax watching movies from your home theater systems. Harman Kardon has introduced HS500, an integrated home theater system that brings you up to the next level.

HS500 is a 5 x 65W 5.1-channel integrated home theater system that comes with pixel to pixel processing and up scaling to 720p or 1080i through an HDMI out put. It also plays a variety of media formats including DVD-Audio and major image and sound files from either CD or DVD recorded discs or via USB connections. The audio system consists of five two-way speakers, 12-inch woofer with 200-watt amplifier.

Price: $1,199

Home Theater Systems HS 500 [via Harmankardon]

Clear Harmony Headphone with Linx Audio: EH100HP

Care about the best sound quality possible from your music players? The new ear hook stereo headphones from Able Planet bring you to the next level of sound quality. As the winner innovations Honorees from International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards, Able Planet introduces Clear Harmony, the new standard for sound quality, clarity, and comfort.

The EH100HP is an ear hook stereo headphones for all levels of hearing. With Linx Audio technology, the headphone delivers maximum speech clarity, soft clips distortion, restricts electromagnetic interference, and increased perceived loudness without increasing volume. It is an ideal headphone for working out, running, or for interactive games. You can use EH100HP in any computers and MP3, CD or DVD players. The product is still in development. The suggested retail price is $132.99 but you can order today with special pre-market price for $49.99

Ear Hook Stereo Headphones for All Levels of Hearing [via Able Plannet]

Cingular Phone LG CU400: 3G Push-to-Talk

Starting on Tuesday, Cingular began offering LG’s CU400, the 3G Internet and video phone. This CU400 is the first phone from Cingular that support a push-to-talk function allowing you to speak with up to 30 people.

The phone also supports the ultra fast UMTS data transmission for downloads, music clips, and email. With Cingular video service, you can watch video, TV, news, and more. The phone comes with 4x zoom & video VGA camera, Bluetooth, MPEG4 and RealVideo support, MobiTV & MobiRadio, Quad-band world phone with domestic UMTS, and more. It weights only 3.27onces with 3.36 x 1.89 x .90 inches. The talk time is up to 5 hours with up to 12 days standby time. The CU400 is now available from Cingular for $230 at retail or $30 with a two-year agreement plan.

LG CU400 marks first 3G push-to-talk Cingular phone [via electronista]

Halo 3 CGI Trailer: Check It Out!

For the true gamer, following up news from the new comer of their favorite series is a true happiness. And here is it! Halo fans! The Halo CGI trailer is now live. You may get some clues to the new game feature from this pre-rendered trailer featured in-game Halo 3 models. The video is also available in HD on Xbox Live.

Halo 3 CGI trailer now live [via videogamesblogger]

Dell XPS M2010 Desktop Replacement

Looking for new cool laptop!? This new babe from Dell might be just right for you. The XPS M2010 from Dell is designed to be a desktop PC replacement that gives you a complete entertainment solution in a stylish and portable package. On go, the M2010 looks like a stylish and portable briefcase with a leather-like back, but in just seconds, it turns to be a complete entertainment center with full-sized keyboard, integrated touchpad, and wireless 10-key number pad. With a 20.1-inch widescreen SXGE+ display with TrueLife technology, the M2010 provides you an experience as if you were sitting at a front row seat watching your favorite movies and videos.

The M2010 uses Intel Core 2 Duo processor and comes with Window XP Professional, Home Edition, or Media Center Edition 2005. It supports up to 4GB of dual channel DDR2 memory. The on-board sound system provides 8 speakers and subwoofer that perform like a premium home entertainment system. The unit also comes with totally 240GB of two hard drives and 8x DVD/CD burner. 18.85” W x 2.90” H x 15.90” D with 18.30 lbs.

Price: $2,999



Dell Home Systems XPS M2010 [via]

Netgear Skype WiFi Phone SPH101

For those who live away from home or family, one of the worst nightmares is the phone bill. Making a long-distance call could be out of limit sometimes, and what could you do about it? Not to mention those who have a long-term relationship. Stop calling him/her means the time to find a new date. Thanks to the Internet and software like Skype that allows us to keep in touch with friends and family. The world still has something even more to be thankful. The Skype Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service lets you talk to people just like that you would on the telephone; however, it still needs a computer to operate. But that’s about to be changed.

The new generation of Netgear Skype WiFi Phone, the SPH101, will gets you off your computer entirely. With a WiFi network and this handset, you can make free calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world at anytime. This phone will help you to be more available for your friends to call since there is no need to be on your PC to stay connects. You can even makes a call to ordinary phone for just pennies a minute. You pay what you use because there is no monthly fee for the service. Get your Netgear SPH101 today for a sum of $467 then what you need is just a Skype account, and you are good to go.

Wireless Skype Phone Model SPH101 [via Netgear]

New Final Sound 300i and Subwoofers

As The Consumer Electronics Association has announced Final Sound as an International CES Innovations 2007 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree. Final Sound has introduced new subwoofers; the S110 and S220, and their Inverter Panels, 300i FS and 300i ST. The subwoofers and speakers can be combined with any brand of speakers or applied with any home-stereo system.

The 300i is a flat speaker: meaning that it produces extremely clear, uncolored, and realistic sound with frequency response of 95 – 22 KHz.  The 300i FS and 300i ST will be highlighted at the 2007 International CES, which runs January 8-11 in Las Vegas, in booth number 29-133.

Final Sound 300i and complementary sub-woofers [via, Final Sound]

Intempo IDS-01b iPod Dock and Speaker Station

Like it said a few days ago when I report Rockridge’s VTS-384 that you could probably find tons of docks and speakers for your precious iPod from electronic stores or online vendors. If you own an iPod and have never had one of these speakers, here is one of your choices to keep in mind. Intempo has introduced IDS-01b iPod speaker dock that also works with your other MP3 players, such as Mini Disc, MP3, Walkman, and personal DAB.

Unlike its competitors, this IDS-01b comes in metallic colors that match up with the second-generation iPod nano. This active-stereo speaker system has 6 watt per channel speaker and allows you to charge, synchronize, and listen to your iPod. It is also compatible with all iPod hardware including nano and video. Synchronize with your Macs or PCs via USB port.

Price: £35 ($69)

Intempo launches color-matching iPod speakers [via electronista]

Mickey Mouse MP3/WMA Player

When it goes down to specifications, all MP3 players are alike. Therefore, it is really hard for some people to decide which one is right for them. You may find tons of “good looking” MP3 players in the market but how many of them are considered as a “cute” one. For all of those who are “young-at-hear,” this good looking MP3 player might be just right for you.

I’d say this Mickey Mouse MP3 player is just right for kids (pretty girls, perhaps?) and people who are young-at-heart (and this may include me, ha ha ha). It comes with Disney Music samples, and you know that Disney Music is a good music. This MP3 player can play both MP3 and WMA audio formats. It has 128MB of build-in memory. If that is not enough for you, the SD/MMC slot is also available allowing expandable memory up to 1GB.

The build-in rechargeable battery allows up to 10 hours of play back time. The unit also comes with an audio-jack, lanyard, and ear-bud headphones, and USB port with 4 1/5” H x 1 ½” W x 3/5” D. Plastic/metal.

Price: $49.99

Mickey Mouse MP3 Player [via uberreview]

Casio Super Slim Projector: XJ-S30

If you’re looking for a high performance-portable projector, check this out! Casio has introduced XJ-S30, a super slim projector that can fit in the same case as your laptop. It weighs only 3.97 pounds. You can choose any distance to the projection surface and even in bright light from 5.25 to 10.5 feet. With the YP-100, Casio’s pocket-sized presentation tool, you can transfer data directly to the projector and give your presentation anywhere without your laptop.


Purchase a Casio XJ-S30 Super Slim Projector for a price of $1,499 and get $100 rebate offer between November 15, 2006 and December 15, 2006.


High Luminosity Mobile Projector [via superslimprojector]

Pocket Photo Album: Pictures in Small Frame

What you see might not be what it is. Though it may look like an egg, this little guy is actually a pocket photo album: a digital storage that is ready to go with you everywhere. This tiny little device has built-in internal memory and a supplied Lithium rechargeable battery. Just install the supplied album management software and connect the Pocket Photo Album to your computer using USB cable, you can share up to 56 pictures with your friends and family through the Pocket Photo Album’s 1.1 inch TFT LCD screen. Its weigh is less than 2 ounces. To be honest, I see no point of doing so. But if you love something small, this Pocket Photo Album can be yours for a price of £34.95 (Approx. $70.00)



Pocket photo album – a pocket full of pictures [via]

Blackmagic Design: Intensity HDMI Card

Looking for the latest HDMI technology for your Macs or PCs? Blackmagic has introduced Intensity, an HDMI I/O card for Windows or Mac OS X computers. Experience a true HDMI Digital Connections. You can playback or edit using big-screen HDMI television and video projectors, or capture uncompressed quality from HD or HDV cameras.

With Intensity, you can switch between HD and SD video standards including HDTV 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/60, 720p/50, NTSC and PAL. There are two audio channels allowed sound to pass through at the same time. You can also perform live mixing of two HDV cameras using a pair of Intensity cards and Blackmagic’s On-Air 2.0 software. Experience the Intensity today for the price of $249.

Blackmagic Intensity HDMI I/O card [via electronista]

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