The Daily Slash: December 8 2010

Chris Burns - Dec 8, 2010
The Daily Slash: December 8 2010

Well now! Today was certainly a diverse day. A bit of Tron [here], a bit of Tron , the crew of misfit developers over at XDA have a list of Gingerbread ROMs ready for you, Foursquare Users Pass 5 Million and get offered $140 million bucks for the keys to the front door, then it gets really wacky. NASA gets poked with sticks, iPad 2 plans on having an LCD instead of AMOLED, and it turns out there’s an Oriental Hornet that’s solar powered. Wild! All this and MORE today on The Daily Slash!

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iPad 2 Launching in the “Next 100 Days”
AT&T Branding Appeared on Nokia X7 Leak Pictures
Samsung Announces Winners of Bada Developer Challenge, Winner Apps Free for a Month!

Android Community
Pre-ordering for Notion Ink’s Adam from tomorrow, December 9
Parkmobile Android app lets you pay for parking
Angry Birds Android ads make Rovio $1m per month
Motorola’s Honeycomb slate poses [Video]
HTC Knight (aka EVO Shift 4G) pictured in accessory update
PlayStation Phone coming in March?
Barnes & Noble Manufacturing 18,000 Nook Colors a day
Gingerbread ROM Near Completion for DROID Incredible
Texas Instruments Announces 1.5 GHz Dual-Core Processor, Launching in 2011
Tron Legacy Theme Outlines Your Galaxy S [VIDEO]
Android 2.2 Update for HTC Legend Coming December 9th
Android Phones Near Top of Network Usage Worldwide
Dell Streak Recovery Now Available
Motorola Droid for Verizon Updated to Latest Version of Android 2.2
Advent Vega Team Focusing on Stock, Then Updates

Peel Fruit turns iPhone into show-suggesting universal remote
Notion Ink Adam pre-orders open December 9
bada Developer Challenge pays out $2.7m; 5m bada phones sold by end of 2010
IE9 anti-tracking protection measures detailed after FTC privacy pan
Verizon 3G browsing outage fixed; “technical glitch” blamed
TI OMAP4440 processor debuts: 1.5GHz dualcore, 3D 1080p and more
Barbara Kruger computerized chess set isn’t impressed by your bishop [Video]
Nokia focusing on UI dynamics for MeeGo; needs to “regain the imagination”
Speck outs DustJacket cases for iPad and Kindle 3
iPad Lock and Security Case will protect your iPad from pilferage
OnLive launches game spectating on iPad along with Windows 7 apps
Garmin creates free geocaching community called OpenCaching
PNY offers GTX 570 video card with cool game bundle
Spotify US launch in question as labels refuse licensing deals
Nica Sunrise Bluetooth headset looks like a hockey puck
Akatsuki Venus probe overshoots: next chance in 7 years
Lian Li unveils new PC-X500FX computer chassis
Samsung Gloria 10-inch Windows 7 tablet with sliding QWERTY due early 2011?
Google grabs 60,000 Cr-48 notebooks while Acer conservative on Chrome OS demand
Some Nexus S handsets will use Super Clear LCD not Super AMOLED confirms Samsung
AT&T branded Nokia X7 leaks again
iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak gets video demo
CAPS LOCK ISN’T DEAD reassures Google on Chrome OS keyboards
Microsoft is “credible” in smartphone space claims WP7 manager; iPhone a “boulder”
BlackBerry PlayBook “best platform for the application” says Lazaridis; no QNX phones until dual-core mobile CPUs
Google Latitude for iPhone prematurely peaks into App Store
Google Chrome OS Cr-48 notebook detailed
X-Men Arcade for Xbox 360 Released December 15
Foursquare Users Pass 5 Million, Gets Offered $140 Million Bucks for Ownership
Apple iOS Gaining Handheld Gaming Throne
LEGO Announces Release of Blind-Boxed Minifigs Series 4
NASA’s New Life in Arsenic Findings Find Doubt in Scientific Community
iPad 2 Will Have LCD, Not AMOLED Display
Oriental Hornet is Actually Solar Powered
Intel Netbook and Tablet Group Formed Behind Closed Doors
Google Maps 5.0 gets Nexus S video demo
North Point iBand Uses iPads and iPhones to Play Christmas Music [Video]
Prosthetic Arm Features Flexible Tentacle Design
Blizzard MMO Not Likely for Xbox 360

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