iPad 2 Will Have LCD, Not AMOLED Display

The rumors about the second generation iPad are still lingering, while people try to guess what features, and design elements, the next tablet device from Apple will have. The obvious suggestions that the device will feature a USB port, or front- and rear-facing cameras, along with the idea that the next tablet will have a Retina Display, has many people eager to see what Apple unveils in the first half of 2011. But, for those that were hoping that the iPad 2 will have an AMOLED display, it looks like those dreams have been dashed.

At least, if this new report from DigiTimes pans out. According to them, Coretronic will be the main supplier of the second generation iPad's Back Light Units, or BLUs. What that means, is that there won't be any AMOLED displays in the iPad 2, as AMOLED doesn't require any back lighting.

Furthermore, it's already been suggested that Chimei Innolux and LG have been chosen to crank out the LCD displays for the iPad 2. This news about the supplier for BLUs just drives home the potential fact that the next version of the iPad will feature an LCD panel. That does still leave some room for that whole Retina Display rumor, though.

[via DigiTimes]