iPad 2nd Generation Adding Retina Display And 128GB Of Storage, Wall Street Analyst Says

In the first half of 2011, Apple is more than likely going to showcase a new iPad. A new model, with new features, and following perfectly in their annual refresh of their products. While that's expected, what the new tablet device will feature is still up in the air. But that's why we have analysts, and their predictions. According to Wall Street analyst Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities, he expects the new iPad to bring some of the features of the iPhone 4, and a big boost in memory.

During a trip to Taipei, White got in touch with some suppliers, and has determined that Apple plans on launching a new iPad in the first quarter of 2011 calendar year. Interestingly enough, his checks with suppliers confirmed some previous rumors that we have heard: a 7-inch display, and feature a mini or micro USB port. While that doesn't confirm anything, it does show that there's some rumors that are starting to co-exist.

White believes that the new model of the iPad will replace the first generation, which wouldn't be a surprise, though he doesn't say whether or not the 9.7-inch model will actually stick around. Other rumors suggest that the new, smaller model would be "in addition" to the larger, original-sized iPad. The most interesting aspect of the new iPad, according to the analyst, is that the device will feature Apple's Retina Display, as well as include 128GB of memory. While more memory makes sense, and it wouldn't be a surprise that Apple would want to showcase their Retina Display on more devices, these two rumors are just more to add to the pile.

[via AppleInsider]