Blizzard MMO Not Likely for Xbox 360

Evan Selleck - Dec 8, 2010
Blizzard MMO Not Likely for Xbox 360

Blizzard is a company known for their Massively Multiplayer Online titles, with a major focus on World of Warcraft. Of course, a title like StarCraft can’t be ignored, either, even if it doesn’t fit into the MMO category. In any event, it doesn’t look like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has much of a chance of landing an MMO of Blizzard caliber any time soon, as the company not only knows of the hardships that Microsoft puts forth to developers for access to Xbox LIVE, but they also believe that the Xbox 360 just doesn’t have the power to make it happen.

As Greg Street of Blizzard says, “I think certainly that we would place really heavy demand on the technical structure of those things before [the Xbox 360] was something Blizzard would want to get into.” Unfortunately for Microsoft, it can’t be good news when one of the biggest video game publishers in the world says that your console just can’t cut it. It may not be said in so many ways, but from that statement alone it sounds like Blizzard has already looked at the technical aspects of the 360, and determined that it just wouldn’t work.

But, that’s not all of the bad news. In the interview with CVG, Street also pointed a finger at the closed nature of Xbox LIVE in of itself. He says that there would have to be some major discussions between them and Microsoft, before anything even remotely could get kicked off. There’s no hiding the fact that Microsoft hasn’t been putting any real focus on MMO titles, and the Redmond-based company is still against letting gamers play cross-platform titles.

Blizzard seems to be at two different points with bringing an MMO to the Xbox 360. First, it sounds like they don’t believe the console would be even capable of running a title. But, on the other side of the coin, even if they could manage to get a game up and running, it is Xbox LIVE’s inherent nature that prevents them from making it happen. To make a certainly long story short, it doesn’t seem likely that a Blizzard MMO is going to land on the Xbox 360.

[via TG Daily]

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