Verizon 3G browsing outage fixed; "technical glitch" blamed

Verizon Wireless has acknowledged the widespread 3G browsing problems experienced by a large number of its users earlier today, blaming a "technical glitch" that occurred "during routine maintenance." The glitch, according to spokesperson Jeffrey Nelson, has now been fixed, but left subscribers unable to browse over 3G for over three hours.

"Last night, during routine maintenance of our 3G network, a technical glitch hampered the ability of customers to reach the Internet through web browsers on their phones. This technical glitch lasted from approximately 1:40 am – 5 am ET, and covered a large proportion of our regular network. 3G network coverage was never out, just this one particular service. Full capabilities were fully restored at approximately 5 am ET. We apologize to any and all affected customers." Jeffrey Nelson, spokesperson, Verizon Wireless

The exact nature of the glitch has not been specified, and Verizon isn't offering any sort of compensation to those impacted by the outage. The carrier is careful to point out that the 3G network wasn't down, only inaccessible to browsing.