Intel Netbook and Tablet Group Formed Behind Closed Doors

Sometimes companies still like to do things under the radar. No press release, and no public announcement to be heard. Intel, this time around, is the company in question, and it looks like the chip maker is all set to make sure that in the near future, they've got some buffer zones built against the competition within the netbook and tablet market.

The company is calling it simply the netbook and tablet group. The point behind this brand new business unit? To stave off the competition within those two markets, all the while making sure that Intel stays as successful as it has been, especially in regards to the Atom chip. Douglas L. Davis, the current head of Intel's embedded and communications group.

According to Intel spokesperson Bill Kircos, it's an obvious and measured step from Intel to make the netbook and tablet group a reality.

[via The New York Times]