Nica Sunrise Bluetooth headset looks like a hockey puck

Maverick Lifestyle has a line of Bluetooth headsets for people that want something that looks a bit different from your typical Bluetooth headset. The line of headsets that the company offers are in the Nica family and a new member has been added to the family called the Nica Sunrise.

The Sunrise isn't your typical bar style headset, it's a headset that is a round disc that reminds me more than a little of a hockey puck. The device comes in black or maroon colors and is designed for comfort and style. The headset has a soft and flexible molded rubber ear clip and it ships with ear clips for the right and left side of the head.

The outer pad that sits against the ear is made out of a soft material as well. The round design is supposed to balance well on the ear making for more comfortable wear. The device comes with a desk dock for charging and a DC adapter for the car power port that can charge the headset while you drive is available. The Sunrise is on Amazon right now for $79.99 and the car charger dock is a $29.99 option.