North Point iBand Uses iPads and iPhones to Play Christmas Music [Video]

Evan Selleck - Dec 8, 2010
North Point iBand Uses iPads and iPhones to Play Christmas Music [Video]

Back in October, we told you about Atomic Tom. This is a band that, while on the New York subway, decided that they’d pull out their iPhones and start jamming away. Why? Because all of their instruments had been reportedly stolen. This time around, there’s nothing so nefarious causing this group of individuals to start playing away on their iDevices. No, this is the North Point Community Church band, iBand. Thanks to some apps they downloaded, they were able to play a trio of songs for those in attendance, and the results are actually worth watching.

The iBand was able to play three different songs: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Feliz Navidad, and Carol of the Bells. All of which turned out great. According to Reid Greven, it took just a few apps to get the magic started, and then multitracking them through Apple’s Logic Software.

“Jared arranged “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “Feliz Navidad” using the apps, and creating a demo by multitracking them in Apple’s Logic software (though any Digital Audio Workstation would do the trick). Jared, Eddie Kirkland and I arranged the first song, “Carol of the Bells“. It’s amazing what you come up with when you sit in a room, hook 3 iPhones up to some speakers, and get adventurous!”

As far as the apps that were chosen to make this magical musical spectacle happen, they include: iGog, Pianist, Percussions, Guitarist, and SoundGrid. As of right now, the video that you can watch below, is doing its viral thing on YouTube, so make sure you keep passing it along.

[via MacStories]

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