OnLive launches game spectating on iPad along with Windows 7 apps

The only time I have ever spent time watching someone else play games is when friends and I are sharing time on a game in my house or I am waiting to spawn into a multiplayer map on one game or another. I am not a big enough fan of any game to log on and watch people I don't know play without the payoff of getting to play myself coming shortly.

If you are such a rabid fan of some games or gaming in generally that you like to just watch other people play, OnLive has announced that it has enabled game spectating on the iPad. OnLive also notes that a beta version of the spectating service will be offered for Android soon.

The cooler of the two announcements that OnLive has made is the fact that you can use the OnLive app that allows for game spectating to run Windows 7 apps on the iPhone. The OnLive app will get more appealing when some touch enabled games land on the OnLive service. I would presume that is in the works.