SlashGear Weekly Roundup Video – May 7, 2011

Rue Liu - May 8, 2011, 7:05pm CDT
SlashGear Weekly Roundup Video – May 7, 2011

Once again, we attempt to bring you a roundup of the week’s tech news in under 6 minutes. The chaos of the Sony PlayStation Network breach continued into this past week. Apple unleashed an iOS update that addressed most of the location tracking concerns. Intel made their biggest announcement of the year with a new 22-nm 3D Tri-Gate transistor technology that really puts it ahead of the competition. Other major announcements came from the BlackBerry World conference as well as from a Samsung event. For the full list and video continue after the cut.

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Sony PlayStation Network Breach update and recap of the week’s developments:
PlayStation Network and Qriocity back online from this week; Compensation detailed
Sony Online Entertainment Offline During Hacker Investigation
Sony opts out of Data Theft congressional hearing
Sony Responds to the House of Representatives Hearing on Data Theft
Anonymous denies Sony PSN “We are Legion” calling card
Data Security Expert: Sony Knew It Was Using Outdated Software Before PSN Breach
Sony CEO apologizes for PSN breach: Free identity theft protection detailed
Sony Targeted for Another Attack this Weekend
PlayStation Network stays offline as Sony discovers yet more issues

Apple Location Tracking:
Apple iOS 4.3.3 with “Bug Fix” for Location Tracking Now Available

Other Apple news:
iPad 2 Supply Shortage Halts Sales In South Korea And Singapore
iPad 2 Sold Out In China In Less Than Four Hours
iPad 2 shortage down to LG Display tip insiders
New Apple iMac: Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge and FaceTime HD
iMac Core i5 3.10GHz hands-on (mid 2011)

Intel’s big announcement this week, plus some Intel-related rumors:
Intel Ivy Bridge official: 22nm 3D Tri-Gate to revolutionize processors
Intel To Fabricate Chips For Future Apple iPads And iPhones?
Apple ditching Intel for ARM in future MacBooks tip insiders

News from BlackBerry World conference in Orlando, Florida:
Blackberry Bold 9900 and 9930 hands-on [Video]
Microsoft Bing now default search on BlackBerry: Deep OS integration coming
Android apps on BlackBerry PlayBook gets first demo
BlackBerry PlayBook 10-Inch Version Arriving For the Holidays?
RIM set to launch official keyboard accessory for PlayBook

ASUS news including the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and future quad-core Tegra 3 tablet plans:
ASUS blames unexpected demand for Eee Pad Transformer shortages
ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Sleeve Case Hands-On
ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Review
ASUS quad-core Tegra 3 tablet incoming

Samsung launches the Infuse 4G smartphone for AT&T:
Samsung INFUSE 4G Unboxing and hands-on

AT&T’s 4G or “Faux-G” Marketing:
AT&T HP Veer 4G lands May 15 for $100
AT&T 4G: Not all HSPA+ Phones are Created Equal
AT&T Marketing ’4G’ But Delivering 3G Speeds?

Other reviews and hands-on:
Droid Charge Reviews
Sony Ericsson XPERIA mini and mini pro hands-on [Video] [Updated]

Feature Editorials:
Less TVs in the US, is it the Economy or the Internet?
Phones for Women: Is Verizon’s Bliss misogynistic or just lazy?
An ARM MacBook could revolutionize the industry
HTC Flyer: Latest victim of tablet sabotage
Dear Nintendo: Drop the Wii to $100
Driving Me to Digital Distraction

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