Android apps on BlackBerry PlayBook gets first demo

RIM has publicly demonstrated Android apps running on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet for the first time at BlackBerry World 2011 this morning, showing how code intended for Google's platform will be packaged and run on the QNX slate. Apps will each run in their own instance of a virtual machine, presented to the user as regular shortcuts and with the emulator automatically – and transparently – loading.

Since the PlayBook lacks the buttons from Android devices, the tablet's various gestures will be mapped as alternatives. RIM is yet to confirm whether users will be able to modify that mapping, or if there will be a default set that are consistent across all Android programs.

Developers will have to submit their software to RIM independently of any Android Market submissions, and RIM will vet and approve titles itself. Rather than putting the Android Market onto the PlayBook, apps will be released through the existing BlackBerry App World. No word on when exactly the app support will arrive.

Video via Ewan MacLeod

Update: CrackBerry has another demo video:

[via Android Community]