SlashGear Week in Review - Week 43 2009

Another week come and gone, naturally it is time for the week in review. Monday we pulled the Nokia N900 from its box and videoed the unboxing for your perusal. Those cool Sony Ericsson Satio and Aino are finally hitting stores. The Aino can stream content from a PS3.

BMW showed off a new three-wheel concept vehicle that leans into corners like a motorcycle called the SIMPLE. To my geek eyes the thing looks like it should be flying down the launch tube of a Battlestar. Dell teased us again this week with more shots of that damn sexy Adamo XPS. I think Dell hopes we will all want one so badly by time they unveil the price, we won't hate on it.

Word hit the web early in the week that Snow Leopard was randomly deleting user data when users logged out of the guest account. The only way to get the data back was to restore from a backup. Sonos unveiled its new ZonePlayer S5 distributed audio system that can be controlled by the iPhone. The system is one of the cheaper offerings from Sonos.

Dyson, that company famous for making cool vacuum cleaners, unveiled a new blade-free fan this week. The thing sucks air in, multiplies it, and looks cool doing it. T-mobile announced early in the week that it would be sending $100 gift cards to the users who lost their data in the Sidekick outage debacle.

BFG is most famous for its line of video cards, but the company has branched out into the notebook and desktop computer realm. BFG pulled the wraps off a new Deimos X-10 notebook this week with SLI video and gobs of performance. JVC unveiled a new small camcorder this week called the PICSIO GC-FM1 that shoots in HD resolution and can take still shots too.

That Acer Aspire One netbook that dual boots Android and Windows went up for pre-order at Amazon for $349 this week making it a good deal. Other than Android, the specs of the machine are what you expect in a netbook. We offered up our video unboxing and first impressions of the HTC Tattoo Android handset early in the week. A full review will be coming soon.

Rumors swirled that Barnes & Noble would be sourcing a color screen eReader from Plastic Logic, which Plastic Logic denied crushing the color reader dreams of many. By mid-week some of those beleaguered Sidekick owners had started to get the data they believed to be lost forever back. I hope that it came back before they reentered all their contacts.

Acer unveiled its Liquid A1 handset this week running the Snapdragon processor and looking really cool. The handset will run Android 1.6. HP went official with its new Pavilion DM1 CULV ultraportable. The machine will use the 1.2GHz dual-core Celeron SU2300 CPU.

Nikon unveiled its new flagship DSLR camera called the D3S mid-week packed with all sorts of features that pro photographers will like. One important feature is an ISO mode extendable to 102,400. Flip unveiled its new MinoHD with 120-minute recording capacity. Other than more storage, it's pretty much the same as the other MinoHD.

Acer's Aspire 5738DG 3D notebook broke cover this week as the first 3D notebook from the computer maker. The machine uses passive glasses for 3D effects. By Thursday Sidekick users were relieved to find that "most, if not all" user data had been restored to their devices. I wonder if Danger will still send the $100 gift cards to those affected.

A new Nokia device called the N920 leaked Thursday with a capacitive tablet and no QWERTY keyboard. I'm not sure about an Internet tablet lacking QWERTY. We reviewed the Motorola CLIQ and MOTOBLUR this week and found that it was the first handset from the company with any great appeal in a long time.

Acer kicked Dell out of the second place for most PC shipped globally this week. Global PC shipments actually grew for the first time this year in Q3. AMD is set to launch its Congo ultra-thin platform for notebooks very soon. We should see machines running the platform in time for holiday shopping.

Word came in that Apple may be getting a hexacore Xeon Mac Pro computer ready for early 2010. That will be one powerful piece of fruit. Nokia's N900 is set to ship at the end of October. The bad news is it looks like the handset will be expensive.

Friday some hands-on pics of the slick Acer Liquid A1 turned up showing off the design and some cool notification LEDs. I want one of these things. We were busy with reviews this week and one of the devices we reviewed was the Asus EeeTop PC ET2002. We figure the machine is better than a traditional desktop or the Dell Studio 19.

Samsung announced its new LD220G and LD190N laptop LCDs leave Korea for the first time and come to America. The screens are to allow notebook users more screen space and the 220G needs only a USB cable to connect. To wrap things up for this edition, Michael Dell again confirmed that Dell was bringing its Android smartphone to the US. We still don't know who the carrier will be or if the handset will suck as badly as many expect it to. Until next week, have a good weekend!