BMW unveils SIMPLE leaning three-wheel concept

If you saw the video we posted last week of the Nissan Land Glider concept that leaned and though to yourself if it had one less wheel and looked like the cockpit of a Viper from Battlestar Galactica you would totally buy one, get your checkbook out. BMW has unveiled a new three-wheel concept called the SIMPLE.

The device is all planes and angles and looks pretty frackin' cool. It leans into corners like a motorcycle and despite looking very small, BMW promises that the thing has the seating space of a 3-series. The slippery sci-fi bodywork is designed for low drag to increase fuel efficiency with a drag coefficient of 0.18 and weighing only 992 pounds.

Under the body work is a small combustion engine and an electric motor that allow the device to hit a top speed of 124 mph and hit sixty in under ten seconds while still getting 118 miles per gallon of fuel. That performance isn't very impressive, but the fuel economy is. There is no word on if the prototype will ever see actual production