Nissan Land Glider leaning electric car concept [Video]

After Shane flagged up a couple of interesting and definitely distinctive electric cars yesterday, it only seemed fair to counter with this: Nissan's Land Glider concept.  Reminiscent of the VentureOne tilting trike, the twin-seater Land Glider leans into turns to avoid falling over, and is blessed with one of the coolest cockpits we've seen in some time (you can see it in the gallery after the cut).Video demo after the cut

To keep the Land Glider slippery to air resistance all unnecessary extremities – such as wing mirrors – are replaced with cameras and dashboard mounted displays.  Meanwhile the drivetrain is 100-percent electric, though Nissan are being coy on the exact details of their motor.

Unfortunately it's all a concept at the moment, with the prototype going on show at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show next to Nissan's more production-friendly electric cars.  As an ex-Smart Car owner I say build the Land Glider instead, I'd definitely buy one.

[via Chris Leckness]