Snow Leopard randomly deleting user data according to reports

For a long time popular belief held that the Apple Mac OS never had any problems and had no malware. Today we know there malware that targets the Mac OS and the operating system has its share of issues from time to time. According to reports coming in now, the newest version of Mac OS called Snow Leopard is randomly deleting user data.

There are a number of posts on the Apple support boards form users who are claiming that user data in their home folders are being automatically deleted when using the Guest account login feature. Boy Genius Report claims that so far the only way to fix the issue has been to restore from a backup.

Apple has yet to officially acknowledge the issue. One poster on the forums going by tcnsdca wrote, "I had something very similar happen. I had the guest account enabled on my MBP – I accidentally clicked on that when I went to log in. It took a few minutes to log in then after I had logged out of that account and back into mine my enter home directory had been wiped. All of doc, music, etc gone."