Apple racking up sales with Snow Leopard

Apple's latest Mac operating system Snow Leopard has only been on the market for a few week now, but Apple is racking up impressive sales numbers. According to research firm IDC Snow Leopard is outselling the two previous Mac OS versions handily.

IDC reports that sales of Snow Leopard over the first two weeks have "far exceeded" the sales of both Leopard and Tiger in their first two weeks. The improvement in sales was undoubtedly helped by the low price of the new OS.

NPD figures that Snow Leopard has sound about two times as many copies in its first two weeks as Leopard did and about four times the number of copies that Tiger sold. Sales of snow Leopard also declined less after the first week of availability. Snow Leopard declined 25% in sales after the first week, while the two previous OS' declined over 60% after their first week.