Michael Dell says (again) Dell phone is coming in 2010, and may use platforms other than Android

Dell CEO Michael Dell has been saying that his company will be trotting its Ophone-based mini 3i Android-powered smartphone out to consumers in the US. Dell says the device will hit in early 2010. Today we get word that Android may not be the only OS that Dell uses in its US-bound smartphones.

MocoNews reports that Dell talked about subjects other than smartphones too. According to Dell unless people are concerned with power or price notebooks are where most computer sales are made. Dell also says he doesn't see the netbook getting very big. I wonder if he has read the latest sales reports.

Perhaps that netbook bit is just wishful thinking on his part. Dell figures netbooks will level off at 12 to 15% of the computer market and doesn't see it getting any higher than that. Talking about smartphones, Dell said, "There are some other open platforms that are emerging that are similar to other businesses we participate in."